💈 Farzad “The Happy Barber” Deluxe Hot Shave – Vancouver BC

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Hello! If you are wondering what the noise is in the background, it is the barber pole in the window.


On our recent trip to Vancouver BC, we had such a fun time meeting Farzad “The Happy Barber” at his neighborhood barber shop in Yaletown. In this video Farzad demonstrates his signature Deluxe Hot Shave. An experience well worth seeking out if you are ever in Vancouver BC!

Special thanks to Farzad and Shelley Salehi
Farzad’s Barber Shop
126 – 1208 Homer St
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2Y5 Canada


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MrHanBrolo says:

There’s either some really bad colour correction or the lighting is so weird that it makes areasof skin look grey. Lol.

Mike Fabrizi says:

What was the shaving soap? It looked fantastic.

Nazgûl says:

I really want a shave like this

Dethaxe 79 says:

19:36 look at the head movement of guy in mirror. Is it paranormal activity?!?!

Bofa says:

The barber looks like the guy from iron man 1 that was with tony in the cave

Sam Bell says:

Have you all noticed that on these barber and some massages videos they have the same people on all the videos like they’re hired or something this guy was on the very last video ? and I’ve noticed a lot more of the same people on various different videos what’s up with that?

Jake Marley says:

These videos stay knocking me out before bed

Luke Thomas says:

His chat would be great if you were nervous.

man zahalem says:

Do you recall the shaving soap used? Great shop in one of my favorite cities anywhere around the world. Love the BMWs both large and small as well.

meyaw Abdulaziz says:

how much these places would charge in Canada and america ?

Sage Oldmann says:

That noise is driving me crazy

David Hollifield says:

Barbers make the best Surgeons

Servando Resendiz says:

I sed it once.. I wouldn’t mind paying $75 for this service

hugo says:

Gotta love vintage stuff

Joe Swaim says:

This guy is very clever, and skilled! Great job. 🙂

Jv5150 Gaming says:

Anyone wonder if the barber cleaned the razor or the brush he used to lather the client with? He rinsed it off but didn’t clean it…

Ronald Abel says:

You’re either growing a beard or shaving it off. I need to try that sometime. A shave looks awesome.

Vince says:

I love how well organized, and neat and clean this guy is.

Vince Cloudchaser says:

To all ladies out there,
How to pamper your guy.
1. Take him to the best barber in town, let him have the best shave, haircut and even the best massage.
2.Repeat number 1 coz’ barbers are the closest thing we have to relax manly enough.

Mr.soccerstar77 Bob says:

Is this in gas town?

Ben Middleton says:

Nice barber and shop

Shaun Smith says:

“Where did you get a shave?
…uh… the world”
Holy crap that’s a real straight razor!

Andyboe says:

Very pleasant to watch. Got to have myself and oldschool shave also, that’s more than cool

Big Toe says:

You should go to SuperCuts in Gary, Indiana next.

abc abc says:

So pleasant to watch…!

fffourtwenty says:

Beautiful shop!

Mr.verte goo says:

gooooood man
100000000000000000000000000000000000 likefor The Barber

Fortunas biggest fan ! says:

I’ve been to Vancouver

rnr1101 says:

Weird guy. Learn how to have a conversation.

Nameless User says:


CluelessGmer says:

many years ago, barbershops were going extinct. I’m glad to see they are revived and thriving.

Scott Kg4yhr72 says:

I live in Florida and I can not find a place for this my barber uses the throw away razor due to health reasons I am in manatee county if any one knows

Magno Lima says:

Wow good job

First and Ten By Shine Unlimited says:

Very nice and calming guy

Tre Cool says:

really cool looking shop

Ntw Engineer says:

Harry ur best shave till now ??
According to the video that indian “u comfortable sir” was the best

Michael Shults says:

Fazard is like a well oiled machine with that razor!

TitaniK says:

Question; I’m from Vancouver and was planning to come see you for a Deluxe shave. I did go get a hot towel shave today somewhere else and I will be honest, I thought that there were lots of hair pulling and some discomforting strokes. It was more of a hair place with some people trained to shave. I am no expert but I thought maybe she wasn’t given the blade a good angle and that may have resulted in the pulling. Regardless at the end and after 2 shaves, the side burns were not straight and I had few patches with hair and some roughness.

Is that basically what is to be expected from any shave? Because I was thinking that if I paid $40-50 that I would expect to have a shave par with mine at the very least and hopefully cleaner shave.

Davide says:

but I wonder, why do you shave that does not have it ????

Jesper Möller says:

Barber is awesome!!

fffourtwenty says:

Beautiful shop!

Hugo Adrian Wilkins says:

No stropping…that is a shavette

Benjamin Jones says:

doesnt matter where you get a shave, it matters whos shaving you, true blue barber & shave parlour, sacramento ca

Douglas Donoghue says:

Really enjoyed watching it. 😀

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