7 Steps To Best Shave of Your Life | Barbershop Quality Shave At Home | Shaving Tutorial OneBlade

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Video Summary:
1:25 – Step 1: Prep The Shaving Surface
2:12 – Step 2: Apply Shaving Cream
2:47 – Step 3: The Two Minute Wait
3:05 – Step 4: Choose Your Blade
3:32 – Step 5: Shave Your Face (Pass One)
4:35 – Step 6: Shave Your Face (Pass Two)
4:57- Step 7: Post Shave Care

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Raid says:

I personally use a double edge safety razor and do two (sometimes three) passes, the last two passes being against the grain except on my throat and under my chin as the hair is thick and causes irritation. This method works well for me but at the moment I am using a canned Gillette shaving cream (don’t crucify my I didn’t pay for it, I’m a sucker for free stuff). After I’ve emptied the can I’ll be investing in a nice shaving mug and some quality soap as well. Shaving is quite the relaxing ritual for many men.

Ujjwal Bisht. says:

is that Aron place

Glhrm Htt says:

Men, I love your tutorials!
Recently I got into podcasts, and I should say that yours is a MUST for everyone!
Good job!!

Kyle Watrous says:

What products is he using?

aldair sobalvarro says:

where did u get the razor and what are some facial shaving product kits u would reccomend thanks Ant…!!! #realmenrealstyle

Ernesto Barrera says:

Great tutorial….Thanks….I use coconut oil for lubrication and it works great !!

GeassEnabler says:

How do I shave to get rid of that dark fuzzy line that shows up around my moustache area?

Matt Moore says:

Im a youngman and I recently switched to a safety razor it was amazingly better than just a bic razor and the safety razor lasts so long which saves money I would really recommend it

wabdih says:

You can read a chapter of a book in 2 minutes? That’s nearly Tai Lopez level

Ibrahim Brawler says:

I had to scroll past a dozen “BuzzFeed hairy women don’t shave” videos just to get to this one.

Fraser G says:

you have very little stubble to even shave…

George ogbeide says:

I own two limited edition Thiers-Issard Razors. They are worth the money and they provide the closest shave ever with no irritations. Guys be a real man get your self a stright razor and learn to shave the way your grandfather and great-grandfather shaved

The Rageful One says:

This guy makes me cringe. His posture makes me want to walk off the side of a bridge.

bizzarrogeorge says:

this guy is a very good salesman. guaranteed he’s making great income. he hit all the key points in selling a product, and did it without seeming like he was trying to. cudos.

aldair sobalvarro says:

nvm i found it in the link thanks boss

Jhcom says:

What do you think of machines to shave? Better to use blades?

Titus James says:

Would you recommend this style of safety razor over a traditional safety razor for starting out? I bought one of those Van Der Hagen razors from Wal Mart and some Cremo Original shave creme applied with my hands a while back. I bought this because I was getting bad razor bumps and rash on my neck using cartridge razors. I started using it and was not happy. Shaving only with the grain was basically pointless, and I would get irritated even worse by going against the grain because I had to go over it like 3 times. I reverted back to traditional 5 blade razors and I shave once a week ( if I shave any more than twice a week I will be bloody and in pain and look like an idiot). I still have basically permanent razor rash and bumps on my neck that I live with from shaving once a week. The only way they will go away is if I leave my beard grow for probably a couple months, which I can’t do because I can’t even grow a full beard. Can anybody help me? Antonio- I just read your free ebook, and am thinking about investing in that razor you linked to in the article, and all the equipment.

JFar alasdi says:

guys i have a question Should Shave beard toward the back or forward, I mean, as opposed to the direction of hair when I start shaving remains some small hair i can not remove a machine to shave

Fes Y says:

I’v got more hair on me arse than that prick had on his face

Bency Thomas says:

what do you say about 7’o clock safety razor. i recently noticed a plastic one…please comment

Anthony Cedeno says:

did anybody else notice that Aaron Marino aka Alpha M. cup ????

Anthony M says:

I hope you’re not a Trump supporter, a conservative, or a liberal. haha.

The Flash says:

Like the alpha m mug

Joel Haglund says:

*paid for by OneBlade

David Wongk says:

Try the natural solution from PureTropix for ingrown hair prevention and stop razor bumps

Marlon Goh says:

That alpha m cameo

Thanos V says:

That is not a proper lather… And you shouldn’t wait with warm lather on your face, it will dry. Not good. Also a DE safety razor is better than one blade.

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