Here we filmed a shave and some threading at A1 Hairstyle in Limehouse. Hope you enjoy.

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Vic Reece says:

Is anyone else intrigued by the cartoonish sounds the tv is making and wondering if its Indias version of “Scooby Doo”?

Ravioli 23 says:

He got him clean……super clean……that’s what’s up

Elixus says:

14:14 monkaS

Waled Khatiz says:

I hate barbers that chat it up with their buddies rather than focusing on you

Jelly Fam671 says:

Very good job! He as skills!!!

I roll a Stoney. says:

Looking catatonic in this video.

Todd Hostager says:

Good stuff! Keep these quality ASMR videos coming!

JikKoh RoBoCoP says:


조홍근 says:

Is that barber using dental floss? Looks like Oral – B’s product.

László Szűcs says:

What does the master do(10:00)?

smug1100 says:

9.58 pigeon impression… thank me later

Dr Bojangles says:

OMG that head massage at the end hit the spot. This fat Indian definitely knows how to pamper!!!

Vishal Kumar says:

This guy is addicted to Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah chashma XD
Kya Bhaiya?

Do Hai Phong says:

what is that stitch???

Jarod76 says:

Is the barber a good kisser? Asking for a friend.

McWeezysCastle says:

Like a turtle with the head movement lol

InfiniteWisdom says:


aguyandhiscomputer says:

13:35 I love the yelling channel.

Magik Jackson says:

12:33 lowkey waterboarding

Daniel says:

Why is he fat?

Jenny Rose says:

He really takes his time with his clients. That’s really good and it keeps loyal customers.

Scourge Darkpaw says:

Who is holding the camera

anklesh sinha says:

tarak mehta ka ulta chasma background mn

anklesh sinha says:

tarak mehta ka ulta chasma background mn

Garrett Wilson says:

what does “threading” do??

김종성 says:

아저씨 꿀렁꿀렁 진짜 느낌있다

Frank says:

What is he doing with the thread?

max factor says:

second round totally unnecessary.

Ignis Natura says:

ok, now bit his big hindu´s nose ja ja ! xD

Jaehyeon Yoo says:

I have no idea what is he doing with that string looking thing but whatever that is, it just looks so amazing

TheAlpocbr says:

The dead fish stare at 03:07 is the funniest!

Lucas E. says:

12:34 ASMR Waterboarding

Scouse Pagan says:

Whats that with the cotton he’s doing ?

John LaCava says:

I thought this dude was grooving out to some song he heard earlier during the threading

Kevin Roger says:

Ele tirou a suíça do cara kkkkk

Spinnex says:

No Asmr

Shabnam Rafique says:

Threading is for women.

Ryan Akers says:

Came back 5 months later to watch this video again. Lol so satisfying my favorite

matt ch says:


anklesh sinha says:

tarak mehta ka ulta chasma background mn

dedi zulmi says:

that thread massage made me went to sleep for about 10 secs

Anna Grim says:

Weirdest face massage ever…

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