*ASMR* Barber School – Get Your Shave On

This video is ONLY for the purpose of stimulating the relaxation response known as ASMR, it is not meant to be instructive.

Thought I would do something a little different in this video while I had the room set up for the previous barber shave role play video, I love watching unintentional ASMR shave videos but sometimes the noises are so loud that it can be distracting so I thought I would do a little “mock shave” video with another person. Thanks as always for watching, hope you enjoy!!

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)
You can receive more information about ASMR at the
following sites http://www.asmr-research.org/
This video is intended for relaxation purposes
only. Thank you so much as always, requests are always welcome!!
email: asmrloa@gmail.com


Victor Becerra says:

Your videos are super relaxing is it possible to request another asmr relaxtion session? I really liked that video

rebecca valentine says:

omg!! Love your ASMR!!
i love fricative sound of sleeves and hands in hiding hands into long sleeves of clothes!!
so, please upload it as a request!!

Ladyluck says:

Great video, thanks 🙂

Dianis J says:

hi when can we expect a new video? I can’t wait

Revolver Ltd says:

hi, just a heads up someone has reloaded your videos with your name and profile is this you if not look up same username as yours and you will see two channels with same name xx

Chris DMF says:

Anyone know where she’s gone?

I'mArchie B says:

Its hulk hogan lol

Lee Morgan says:

I hope this isnt weekend at Bernie’s 3, that dude did not move an inch!

Maggie McAteer says:

Hope you do another RP soon! Love your videos

Tracie Sanderlin says:

I have to say…I LOVED the sound of the train. It was hypnotizing.

J Wal says:

Did you have to remove kitty at 6:34? Poor kitty.

Robin Cahill says:

Where have you gone asmrLoa; love your videos. Please come back to the ASMR community x

airsoftfarmer says:

great video, the dude looks like Marlon Brando in apocalypse now lol

rapidachris says:

thank you

Σοφία Β. says:

Sometimes I think, that if I was a man, I would most definately have a mustache…yap, mustache.

Alexis C says:

you defiantly got that gentlewhispering look going on

Real Internet Waifu says:

She hasn’t posted in so long:( assuming she’s busy with work or rsomthing

Antonio Fernández says:

The guy on the chair purrs as a little kitty at 6:23, hahahaha

Rick Monteiro says:

if pay good money for this kind of first class treatment!

Nathalie M says:

Great video! whether you’re renovating art or straight cut shaving, it looks 100% professional…but done in such a soothing way it really gives me tingles!

nezbitthecat says:

Kitty ✔
Train ✔
Callie ✔

Ray Wyman says:

This was superb! And I learned something too.. bonus.

WolfofLedgend says:

Can’t wait to see more!

Redford Grange says:


Vinnie Vidivici says:

Magnificent. What part of the country do I need to live in to get a shave from you?

YummyNimco SoPopular says:

This was so well prepared, very well done ASMR barbershop video. Much love to the cat : )

A - Zero says:

you missed those 2 obscure parts either side of his mouth

NoVaKane says:

professional grade.

steelerfaninerie says:

I’d visit that shop at least once a week.

mike mendez says:

HOLA Great Video.better than most roleplays, good sounds & your beautiful presence, this deserve more than one like.THANKS.besos

Lycosa says:

Amazing, great ASMR Video.

Tonidinho Ward says:

why don’t you take all the beards off totally?

mattsbrute says:

I wish I was that guy.

MOL says:

Great video, but those trains must be maddening when shooting videos.

Gourgandise says:

In some angles you could say you’re Gentlewispering’s sister and I’d totally believe you!

Brad Edgy says:

This is my new favorite. Thank you

Laura Lee says:

Listening to this at work, so lovely! Thank you 🙂

Love Today ASMR says:

Great video!!! Thank you

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