Barber Shop Shave – Coarse Beard

Ryan came in with a nice coarse beard for Farzad to shave off…. 😉


st5fu says:

Chulo que quedó mi mowlihawk

gmail. com says:

и зачем было бороду сбривать???

Jose Ortiz says:

23 fucking minutes? I can do it in under 10

Vikash Lodie says:

Peep that knuckle cut lol

Winston Wong says:

is this in Vancouver (Yaletown)?

celticqk says:

Why this guys is robing his cock on the mans head? Does he enjoy that?

Kae Pugna says:

Finally a channel that puts all the music in the video in the description

deivit hernandez says:

7:48 sí, no olvides quitar muy bien el pelo de esa zona que es la mas satisfactoria

iron might says:

Thumbnail looked like the guy had a big blab of cum on his face

Space Gaming says:

3:33 thank me later

Tom Evans says:

I’m no expert, but shouldn’t a beard of that length be trimmed down before the prep stage?


So satisfying

Angel Eyes says:

That was awesome! I enjoyed watching that so much!!!!

JPTyler5150 says:

293 people have yet to get a great shave from Farzad. Stop hatin’ & book an appointment!

Denis Wilson says:

There’s still a 5 o’clock shadow lol

Carlos Padro says:

That camera person, is extremely good, knows how to capture the moment! All the best! Jesus, lives!

Andrey Amador says:

Puta sueño

Denis Wilson says:

If he shaved every once in a while he wouldn’t have to go through all this…. lmaooooo

Roger Eric says:

A Feather artist club or KAI captain razor. I have both of these they shave great go through a beard like butter .

gato assombrado says:

Linda esposa

everythingisaprocess says:

The massage at the end was the best. That shit was HOT….even if the guy is not Gay, I know it felt good.

yYxX says:

I can do it alone.

Hafiz shehroz says:

Nice very nice

Don225 Vidz says:


k wolf says:

wow i think this has inspired me to start barber school , thank you

Justina Branham says:

Classy barber shop, nice atmosphere, this is relaxing to watch

Dominic Hardin says:

Where is this shop located?
The background looks like Austin, Texas.

Deki Muhammaf says:


rob powell says:

Looks like somebody posses and shit on his face

CC WW says:

Now this is really getting the spa treatment.

elroma romero says:

00:01 masaje capilar con los huevos :v

Popescu Rene says:

Asian music on background.

mudanatisiki says:


hola soy isa says:

Usa mucha agua. Saludos

Mark Symbala says:

I had a problem with a beard.the wife didn’t like it? No I didn’t like hers

Kat Brax says:

Absolutely Fantastic!

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