Barber Tutorial: How To Cut a Taper Fro! HD (Ez Blade Shaving Gel)

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Itoroh Umoh says:

What pomade did You use to make his hair curly?

Al Capone says:

man bro i would pay mad money for u to cut my hair u are a talented barber keep up the good work bro god bless

Ashton Connely says:

didn’t expect this video to be this funny

Eldrin Ellison jr says:

Up and cumin barber subscribe to my channel @Get_beamed I would appreciate that

duntaebuck says:

One of the main reasons people hairline gets wavy is from self-infliction. Boys need to stop trying to line themselves up just to save a trip to the barber, then they start acting like divas wanting the barber to fix something they messed-up in the first place.

Cynthia Gladis-Johnson says:

clean and Shitty sharp!!! big ups!

S.Butter says:

Great cuts bro. Where you located?

Prince 2Charming says:

What city u from I got to come down there in get cut asap

Black News says:

that shit crispy

Jason Rodriguez says:

Fam I got the same hairstyle but can never find a barber to cut it like this

Jose Lara says:

What are those trimmers called the red ones ?

Yssach petty says:

you are a masta of ya craft

Khamari Hardney says:

That line extra crispy tho

Terrence Conley says:

What type of edgers are those red ones ?

morning star says:

men can’t read a woman’s mind but they sure can catch an uneven line on a man’s head.

Janet E says:

i have the numbered guards but not the open close lever on clippers, does that make a diff as long as im using the right numbered guards?

Bryan Johnson says:

were are state and city do you stay in

Black The Baller says:

Does light spots mean you may have a receding hairline?

Duke mike says:

any small youtubers want to support each other ??? please sub !

The Kuzco says:


Abraham Aning says:

very nice my brother

Steje Alexander says:

how long do the colour enhancements last?

Kharay Anthony says:

you got this nigga looking to steal someone chick Lmfaoooooooo

Bankroll Dave says:

if he woulda went to a weak barber they woulda pushed bra corner back to mexico

Tashaun Taylor says:

Hey Get_Beamed can you brake down doing a temp fade plz? I cant wait to go to school in November ! LOL Much love and success and blessed my brotha!

Jose Alicea-Serges says:

bro take me a haircut lol

Stevo Smooth Higgins says:

Clippers yoi using for shape up snd cut what brand and can i buy on ebay

Dondrey Williams says:


Omegah TV says:

razor sharp bro

Robert Gillis says:

can we get a video on how to do a drop fade

Eric Stuart says:

+Get_Beamed Do you mix water in with your Kiss Expressions. If not what do you mix in with it because it seems to stain the skin very fast before you can go behind it with a razor or clippers.

BrittanyMa'At Thompson says:

I’m a girl with long curly natural hair. how I got to this video idk…why I subscribed? I really don’t know. but you gave that nigga his fkn LIFE lbvs! good job.

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