Barber Tutorial: Kyrie Irving Haircut HD

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Jay Dee says:

Clean af keep up the good work ❄

Swaggymamba Tobe says:

Cold as hell

adrianbillionaire says:

Just subbed, been watching your vids for like two days!

kingkewon says:

How much you charging, I’ll come to Nap on Friday

Kenneth Sherrer says:

Why do we get that white line how do dat happen

Demetrysean Lewis says:

When are you dropping the video for the kiss expression mixture tho??

Man_Of_ God305 says:

I mess wit u good looks on the no cursing

Justin Bowman says:

Where is your shop located???

MegaCclark19 says:

Where your location

gary spearman says:

Get_Beamed can I get a cut

ChiiiTown Will says:

My hair is like the same style as his and I really love your cuts where are u located in Chicago and how much would u charge to do that

Carter C says:

Nice cut bro.

Kyle Sims says:

Nice cut he looks shit like Kyrie Irving

Tank Jackson says:

Dude went from homeless bum off to street to a nigga wit da juice

Eric D says:

Do you sell the trimmers sharpened?

Patrick Torres says:

Damn you are the Michael Jordan of haircutting bro great job

Nigel Ray says:

What razor brand do you use?

ChiiiTown Will says:

What state are u in

YNU CASH says:

What type mousse can I use

Kibrom Fesehazion says:

Nigga it’s Irving

rico edwards says:

I’m proud to see younger barbers{My barber brothers} doing great things. As an older barber,for over 35 years of barbering, my only suggestion to you younger barbers is to cut with a larger guard against the grain first. What this does is, it gives your cut an even cut. Then, come back with the grain with whatever height or length needed for the style. I think that you said that you used a 1/8 or 1/16, i forgot. Any way, that’s my opinion. In order foe a more even cut, this is what we as older barbers did……I still do. Overall, it was a great job fam and great teaching technique!!!! Love my barber brothers.

gary spearman says:

TBT I need a cut

Kentecho says:

godamn that’s fucking clean. vids are straight quality

Markus Hollins says:

do u mix water to your kiss expression for your airbrush action??

Allen Boone says:

Nah champ I’m straight from DC ! I just hate suckers who hate on another mans grind..

John Starks says:

Man I could watch big homie cut hair all day!!!! Nigga making me wanna learn how to cut hair, but ill just sit on the couch watching the king do it himself. Much love for the beam team my dawg and keep doing what you do #TBT

Tank Jackson says:

Funny how a haircut can make a person look totally different

GLAS63 says:

You have talent bro, just keep perfecting your technique and flick these negative comments right off your thread… lol Peace & Continued Success!!

Nelson Silva de Jesus says:

And the man Get_Beamed SAVED ANOTHER LIFE! Congrats for your work, your talent

MegaCclark19 says:

What is your barbershop called in chicago

Kyle Thenextwaver says:

Yo great job

MattCutzz says:

line up always sharp, clean

Nickahill Dameus says:

You sharp! Can you make a video using oster fast feeds?

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