Barber Tutorial | Reaction to Fake Hairline!!

How to do a bald fade with side part and short pomp. hair fibers used

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godless 789 says:

Looks shit
1.You separated it in the wrong place cut it too high with the clippers
3.this hairstyle doesn’t match his face
4.his skull bone in the back is sticking out and you made it even more visible instead of masking it

You sir don’t know NOTHING about hairstyling.

Shaba Laba Ding Dong says:

How to look like a basic fuck boy 101

Roger Claude says:

I like it so much. Well done! I believe that this kind of haircut helps someone who has entrance of baldness, because we note the difference of contrast. Am I correct?

Crumpled Paper says:

tfw your hair does this naturally and you don’t have to pay some pajeet to change your basic look

Noah Woodrum says:

Lineups are retarded

Bryan I says:

this looks terrible

FMHammyJ says:

so many cool hairstyles today….when i was that age it was long, and parted down the middle….hockey hair…..great if you had good hair, not so hot if you had thin fine hair like me.

Miguel Ignatius Hizon says:

Aye bossio, I just noticed the halo on your head 0:11

Shawn Fahoum says:

Wish you were in my area

Fresh Love says:

Send him to my house 🙂

Jake spaceman says:

I notice the new trend with white boys are fading their hair now… black guys have been doing for YEARS…trying to get the same linings and everything LOL. EVERYBODY wanna be black no NOBODY wants to BE BLACK #ISWEAR

bLaCjAcK Daniels says:

You’re precise bro

killanige49 says:

Homeboy is slow it looks fast forwarded and still lasted 12 minutes.

rainbow unicorn boyd says:

Cute guy but dont like the hair

Cody Vocalist says:

GOD this is one ugly boy and now he has an UGLY haircut

Simon J says:

Actually that looks good

Mario Lupo says:

Why the hell does every barver video show you guys cutting a line in to a bald fade with trimmers… You dont need to change your guard ever if you are any good! Just start the skin fade and move on up and fade with a comb.. 3rd gen barber with over 10 years experience here.

P Gaming says:

Guys what’s the thing called where the side of the skull head is like going circular but not straight coz mine is really odd

qbnguy153 says:

Looks awful

alldud13 says:

In the navy you dont need to get a high fade lmao they have the lowest of low regulations.

Brian says:

This dude got out of the chair and aged 10 years.

anubhav singh says:

Why all these barbers always remove those side hairs…common therez gotta be other hairstyles too..

Rego Vegi says:


Official Princess Rainbow says:

I learned how to fade off my husband’s head few years back now I’m really good with the straight blade

denuch03 says:

Dude this is such a wack haircut. Not hating on the job you did, just don’t get why everyone is getting their cut like this.

Lan Astaslem says:

this fade aint that good.. its too drastic doesnt fade gradually enough

healthystyle says:

Damn that’s a Great Hair Cut!!!

Elijah Ismail says:

Dead haircut

K D says:

lol he really wanted us to know he is NOT slow at cutting hair. It was a good tutorial. I dont have short hair any more but i used to have a pompadoor mohawk thing and one time i had this very similar haircut as a result of trying to do my own fade lol. It wasnt too bad. was relxing to watch and listen. <3

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