BASIC CLIPPER CUTTING – Using Your Guards – For Beginners


This is a simple to follow tutorial outlining the basic rules behind using your detachable clipper guards and using a bit of clipper over comb for blending. I’ve tried to keep it as simple and easy to follow as possible. Please give it a like if you enjoy and please subscribe

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BeardedBroTV says:

When u say that u start with a number 4 that means 4mm ?

Jenny B says:

Thank you so much for this! I found it very helpful!

sweetson almeida says:

hello, can you tell me how to remove those black color different types of clippers

Ahmed Abdeljalil says:

not bad bro but u need more barber eye work on those fades more u forget things that makes u make money for the rest of your life

A says:

thanks. I like the way you taught clipper over comb compared to the way I was taught at school.

Zion Mainframe says:

man idk about this baber carrer

JP McPherson says:

I like using 20 clippers

Jhofred Alvarez says:

Should do more vids like these

Sporting Laroga says:

is that peter parker?

Jamal Alroh says:


Daggers Barbershop says:

Again great content man! I just got a new one up, feedback always appreciate! Keep it up bro.

Michael Salazar says:

Waste of time fade was weak

Anthony Fernandez says:

What did you mean in 2:40 by open the arm

Katarzyna Kujawa says:

great work 🙂

Jacek Wałasiewicz says:

Hello cool video, is it possible to cut myself this way ?

EBG JoJo says:

I need black people

screed107 says:

Cut my sons hair with this method today and it was really good result . He loved it ! Thanks for the help !

panisher says:

Great video!! much love from Tulsa, OK.

Sara Chen says:

What is name of your hair style

Tim Xman says:

Hooked whiteboy up with a nice fade good work

ripppking says:

I’d like to be a barber but it’s so frustrating watching and understanding what he means cause I actually do know a lot about hair

Dante Martínez says:

Great video man…!!! A question, the 4 and the 3 are opened or closed?

Tristen says:

ye tribe

lanes58 says:

A well trained professional barber doesn’t use clipper guards. You can do that yourself at home. If a barber asks you what number guard you like… leave.

Oscar says:

Thank you for taking the time to make these tutorials! Very helpful and informative!

Wilson says:

I prefer traditional clipper with no electronics. More ASMR trigger you see 😉

STEEZY says:


Keeley Regan says:

hi good helpful video! where did you get your clients gown from please?

Phillip Ontiveros says:

too much of a noticeable line left in the fade

Nim Locke says:

Whys the model looking like a 2K generic preset face

Ben Dover says:

Do you have your detailers zero gapped? cheers

And Rx says:

tried fading a 1 & 2, because 3 was missing, while baked and kept moving up instead of down… ended up getting a 1 all around

Milgo Muse says:

thank you

Eric says:

Intro song?

Seamus McMichael says:

Are you from Liverpool?

ProjectMoff says:

I wonder what that guy was thinking about.

John Drimmie says:

Hey man I really appreciate the video. Thanks for the tip about always starting with a higher guard when starting out, I will definitely start doing that.

Anotha Black Experience says:

Is there a way to be a barber without getting licensed

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