BBA – The Hoxton Signature Shave

The video demonstrates one of the the BBA Mens grooming signature services, The Hoxton Shave. Watch Creative Director, Chris Foster go through step by step, product by product.


ASMR soccer says:

Hey hey… Hydration

Jorge Alexandre says:

You lost me at “it is one of the most expensive products in the market so we know it’s good”.

warren dale says:

Cleanest shave ever

Travis pittman says:

Dude washing your face a shaving isn’t a science , shit is so stupid

SickHedgehog777 says:

What a shit show

George Harmer says:

Great Video

Byron Hiscock says:

What a crock, this is one of the reasons we have so many dandelions walking around. What happened to a brush, soap and a razor ffs…

Ben Hollis says:

how much ???? lol

Keith C says:

Is This a parody .Because if it is this just to entertaining.

Cape says:

do you have a permit for all of those deadly and extremely lethal blades sir? just asking for a british government friend

Hercules says:


Mak Terry says:

He shaved ol boy in like 2.2 seconds lol idk if it’s his accent but I swear he’s saying “rather” instead of “lather”

Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:

You all killing my night sleep.

compassionate killer says:

Never ….. I repeat … NEVER…..Go against the grain …. This is what happens when people with no hair gives advise on hairstyling .

scumer scumer says:

Esse cara fala muito kkkkkk

ShowMe TheTaTa's says:

you forgot to shave his ears

imp PerlerArt says:

He’s so comfortable with his straight razor. Everyone else is all up in their face while he just stands back and does work. Respect.

CasualGrain11 says:

Homebois from 35 to 17

James Falcone says:

I wonder if those gloves contain cancer causing chemicals. Read the labels before using.

saad saleh says:

Most of the time about applying the products, & when the shaving came he did so quickly
I enjoy slow shaving that prevents any cut

Strive-2-Survive says:

So people actually go in every single day and get a professional chef who has the time for this

albert huerta says:

Good video

Zachsgreatchannel says:

Damn a real straight razor we aint in the u.s. anymore boys

jax chan says:

The comments are fucken hilarious

ignacio montes says:

I’d pay my massage lady $1000 if she could massage my dick the same way this dude massages his face

CptSeaHawk PICK says:

My god, all this effort and money for a shave. What are you, a woman?

blahniach says:

Hey, where do you get dragon’s blood from? I’ve been looking for dragons in my neighbourhood, but didn’t find any. This is the last ingredient I’m missing necessary to create the most POWERFULEST spell to dominate and enslave human race. Please help.

Crypto Analysis says:


Mustafa Ahmed says:

Now that’s A “Clean Shave”

Ege Yaldız says:

BBA = Big Black Assn.

Arunava De says:

Do you even science bruh?

Joshua Hardie says:

Water is the essence of wetness.
– Derek Zoolander

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