Best How To Shave with a Straight Razor

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Have A Great Shave, Have A Great Day!



Mark Szorady says:

One pass is all you need?

danny power says:

Do you hone snd strop your own razor dude,, I am seriously thinking about starting using a strait razor the cost of gillets these days,,,
Also is it best to use s vintage or new strait razor

JoeCubicle says:

Finally… a straight forward vid on what to do! Why are there so many vids on straight razor shaving where they don’t talk, they just shave and don’t say a word. Good job GeoFatBoy!

DreamWarrior says:

im fuckin scared!

SkipperT says:

Just received a straight razor of my B-Day,, watched your vid and set to work.
Two little nicks and did the whole face.
Thanks for for the video, it may have just saved my face from massive trauma!! LOL

Steve Martin says:

Im going to try a straight razor, but im going to have to hide it from myself when im drunk 😉

Andy Nava says:

So scared to use this, feel like Ima cut myself.

AJ Gorse says:

I would like to say, you have o.o much buildup on the blade in between rinses, you should always use the same hand to shave with straight razor, and for your neck you should ALWAYS go against or to the side if the grain, not downwards.

Lucky Luke says:

Like so!

Kis Tamás says:

Brilliant summary.  Wish I’d learned this 30 years ago.


Rishi Govindan says:

To almost a million people you were like a dad teaching them how to use a straight razor! Thank you so very much! Greetings from India!

Rutger van Doornum says:

“But most gents, they like it like this. Two in the front, two in the back.”


I use a brush and always fill my nostrils with the brush lol,thanks for the tip so obvious but I’m a noob.

Cameron Scott says:

man I just sliced the fuck out of my neck! smh I have a beard and was trying to shave the part under my chin….. pretty hard to do. I could’nt really get close because of the shape of my neck smh #fail

caffiend says:

The straight razor option saves a LOT of money in the long run; one razor versus thousands of throwaway ones, also environmentally friendly. One lifetime purchase; more money for beer. Thanks for sharing.

Jeremiah Moore says:

Anyone else making the faces? Lol

Main Man Moose says:

Just tried a straight razor – this is my ghost typing this

Max Contador says:

I’ve bought this shavette from Australia store and my beard stubble gets wedged inside the plastic sleeve. The vendor recommended squeezing the metal outer sleeve to tighten the gap once the plastic sleeve is inserted. Still same issue. Got a $10 eBay shavette I’ve been using and no problems with it. Buy the upgrade would have been nice. Any suggestions?

The Latin Samurai says:

Should you get your new straight razor honed even when they tell you it’s “shave ready”?

ACS Products Ltd says:

After watching your video, i’m inspired to try, thank yo and good job explaining! Thanks Andy

Dinesh Vadgama says:

thanks for the great videos. I’ve started straight shaving after watching a bunch of your videos and, thanks o them, I’ve managed to cut hair rather than my face !!

but I have a couple of problems that I would love your input on. Firstly I’m getting a lot of razor burn. Not sure whether this is a pressure issues, wrong angle or something else.

Secondly the blade sometimes skips over my face.

Any thoughts on what the issues could be ?

Yossef Joe says:

اللي مش فاهم ولا كلمه لايك

L Shkane says:

Thanks as always, Geo. Was hoping to see you make another pass or 2, however. This is where I am experiencing my greatest challenge with straight-razor shaving. Until I get this down good with my low-budget Parker shavette, I am not going to purchase a dovo or a feather or anything I have to strop.

Cameron Scott says:

soooooo that scraping sound is normal? I thought I was doing it wrong smh

Zachary Conti says:

that was much harder than you made it look. pro

Abood Omg says:

3:31 oh no he is talking about angles

Les Agathes says:

Just got the full ‘man set’ for my 50th. Great video, couldn’t stop shaking on my first shave! Hopefully I’ll get better!

MariosLasagna says:

Geo, a few questions for you my friend: is a straight razor going to give a closer shave than a safety razor? And to get that “baby smooth” close shave can you achieve that with just one pass with a straight or does it typically take two passes? Last, are shavettes just as sharp as straight razors? Thanks for reading anybody can answer this btw i just want to know if a straight razor or shavette is the next step up from a safety razor basically

Askmolnet says:

That is one small blade. It’s a shame, because, other than that, it’s a fine looking razor.

Dracula Reloaded says:

you must have a hippopottamas skin , i am afraid it will cut my skin

Dylan Metlow says:

What’s a good razor for beginners? I bought a cheap one just to learn $4 and I feel I shouldn’t have even thought about it. I tried a little while ago with it and it did a pretty decent job. 1st nick was at the bottom of my neck. Only problem which I don’t trust myself yet is my Adams apple (Siri spelled that for me). So anyway what’s a good beginner blade and any tips on first time users?

Austin Powers says:

I accidentlly sliced my dick off, lmao it’s ok though I got it stiched back on.

Frank Medgyesi says:

You can see on this guy that he is badass.

Norbert Stepien says:

Only someone, like myself, who tries to use a straight razor can appreciate the shaving skill of Geo. Talking and shaving at the same time, very impressed!

shonuffisthemaster says:

great simple tutorial, thanks. i shave my head and face with a straight razor now and do a pretty good job but have been having trouble with certain spots because i do it all right handed. i will try forcing myself to switch hands..

Michael Finn says:

Well I got my first strait razor two weeks ago, dovo Bismarck which cost me £130 pounds, what a waste of money!!!!!
I get a better shave with a safety razor, 5 passes face still rough, then find out I need a stone for the razor, then a stone for the stone!
More trouble than they are worth! I couldn’t even cut myself.

Purple Heyes says:

TFW a random dude on youtube taught me what my dad should of lol

robboSA78 says:

Bought my first straight razor and making good progress thanks to this video. Only a few cuts so far. 6 – 8 shaves so far and getting it done. Thanks for giving me the confidence to have a go at it.

Berkhan Tukus says:

“like so”

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