Full Beard Shave

Full beard shave for Scot…


Alann Hod says:

They never cut his neck? I don’t get what turns you on about preparing a man for a neat execution, using up valuable anaesthesia, only to stop short of finishing your ONE JOB DO YOU HEAR ME!!! MY TAXES GO AND PAY YOUR ASS TO DO ONE THING, YOU HAD ONE FUCKING JOB!!!!!!

Adam Mir says:

is he dead?

Denunciar é ajudar barbeiro says:

Gostaria de visitar sua barbearia

Live from Legendland HI says:

Last time I went to the barbers for a shave he shaved me so bad I suggested to call the ambulance.

Travis Porter says:

I wish I could grow a beard ☹️

Luis Cannon says:

What’s with raghead music?

Selçuk YİĞİT says:

This shave is only 3 dollars in Turkey.

Tiptop Tep99 says:

please subscribe my video and like

Adam Mir says:


Dream says:

Men dont shave

TKD Kicker says:

E de repente, um comentário brasileiro

Carlos Gonzalez says:

Step 1 park your motorcycle next to your chair

Elton Severo says:

Good work

J says:

Where is this?

MrInsaneCranium says:

i think i saw blood…

Alann Hod says:

Ey Lenny, maybe you’ve grown too soft. Come by next week so Donny can work one on ya, on the hoiuse

Dhrupal Patel says:

very nice

Gajendra Sen says:

I am roaming from Rajasthan I want this job.

Papu Medhi says:

Who share this mother fucker videos idiota

Dre says:

Wasting water” !!

jojo DaCosta says:

He should have buzzed that beard smaller to end it


Are you death

Christian S says:

I dont get why people likes to have beard? It makes u look so old.. i think beardless is much better.

Everyday420 InCanada says:

So this made me want to shave video goal accomplished

大回り愛好会 says:


RyMuEntertainment says:

*WHERE CAN I GET A KNIFE THAT SHARP???* Nothing cuts my hair in one swipe!!!

Jon Bon says:

He’s a hairy dude. Where is facial hair stops his chest hair begins.
5 o clock shadow at 8 in the morning.

J Shannon says:

wheres the before and after

jeanclaudioluz luz says:

o local em sim é tao inspirador que percebesse que esse barbar tem uma esperiencia e uma tecnica formidavel … parabens!!

_Toshiaki_ _Takahashi_ says:

Can i shave ur beard?

Sandra Costa says:

Mas afiado que minha faca

Ray rodriguez says:

why not use clipper first remove buck of the hair and then shave what razor are you using and where to bay one i use to use old razor in the 70 nice video and what do you do when the hair it is in the skin

Rami7605 says:

Why does he have a bike inside the shop?

Sychonut says:

The dreaded vertical video.

齋藤山田涼介ゆりあHey!Say!JUMP大好き says:


Frankie B says:

So I take it the barber is responsible for asking if theres a mole underneath the beard he should know about prior to shaving it off right??

킹 현kt NO.7 정현 says:

독도는 한국땅

Chris O says:

awsome job bro. keep up the great work

Mohamed Bilal says:

For your face shaving not suitable. Big beard and short mostach is beautiful for you. And shaving or short beard is prohibited (harram)in islam

jorge luis says:


OscarLimaMike says:

Where is your shop. I will come in for a shave sometime. Looks like Yaletown.

Sychonut says:

Ladies and gentlemen, the day this dude got over his ex.

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