Full Shave Tutorial by Farzad at Farzad’s Barber Shop

Full straight razor shave tutorial by Farzad…


Adam 007 says:

iraniye dayoos kos kesh

GSTONE says:

impressive work, you are a artist and a tidy one too ..

Dexter Mayhew says:

Hi Farzad! Im from Brazil and i would like to know the name of that “cup” you used to make the foam before shaving your client…Great video! Come to Brazil visit us! =)

adam fox says:

love how u wipe your station up with a towel then throw it back in the drawer. u nasty

Jack Daniels says:

Perfect shaving but..
.Better for you do not touch your. client blood ,nobody tell you” i have HIV or HCV”
shavette should be on acid jar minimum 15.minutes better keep always there.
Much healthy is used shaving cream from tube.
What you do with bloody tovel?
Washing machine its not enough. .

OHara Byrne says:

Thanks farzad

mexicanbarber25 says:

You are amazing sir, and an inspiration to me. Great vid , keep them coming

BeautyofScent says:

farzad did good

Ricardo Silva says:

He has a really good taste in music! A Portuguese classic in the background 😀

Юрий Яковлев says:

…”don’t waste a time”, but a cold water is running a lot of time in the empty  )))  (17:28 -18:50 )   ))))

Gib Stones says:

Awesome tutorial Sir, I enjoy any and all shave videos you share on YouTube, FB, and Instagram. In this video you mention if you stretch the skin on the chin area too much it’ll bleed. Could you go into further detail on this? Once again, thank you so much for sharing your craft. 🙂

Heinz von Biboo says:

You have some good methods. I like the idea of refilling your scuttle between passes to keep it warm. How do you sanitize your shaving brush between clients?

WolfRanger2008 says:


André Louzeiro says:

Fado in the background, nice! 🙂

vikakui says:

Why so much waste of water?

hairycueball says:

Excellent! It must be very enjoyable.

Don Fraysier says:

That was both educational to watch, and relaxing. Great video. Your shop and equipment look neat and organized.

10S Coach says:

Totally nasty at 18:24 he put a dirty towel that was in the sink collecting bacteria and old soap on the guys face…. watch from about 16:30 on and youll see what i mean

Hugo Miranda Zebº says:

Hi Farzard!! Can you please tell me what blade do you use in your Feather?? i know that there are 4 or 5 different types. i usually use “professional” (black box).. cheers!!

Andreas Fox says:

I liked it before I watched it. Farzad giving a tutorial is a blessing. Extremely generous. Thank you. A million times over.

Jaden DeLaGarza says:

Real nice shave enjoyed the video by the way your water bill must be high lol

gary brush says:

bravo master barber 100 percent

ShoreDude105 says:

Very relaxing video.

Pete Watson says:

great video, wish i lived closer i would drop in for a shave, just subscribed and look forward to watching more

Joe Arvallo says:

Great presentation and classic,Beautiful set up and relaxing to watch.

Robert Behan says:

Farzad that was amazing! It’s so great for a barber like myself to be able to watch someone of your experience and knowledge and pick up a few of you tips! Thanks so much man you’re the best out there! A ‘REAL’ barber!!!

Good One says:

the brush is warm, beautyfully

Marcin W says:

What angle should I hold a razor to shave as a beginner was safe?

e medina says:

thank you for the video! what brand moisturizer and shaving oil do you use?

Fábio leite says:


capnfucker says:

Farzad Salehi, i notice some barbers wipe the face clean after the shave then apply a hot towel to face to open up the skins pores before applying the lotion or balm to face followed by cold towel to close pores, while some do it the way you did here. Does it really matter one way or the other?

Vince Marsh says:

lovely shave Farzad. I tried using the feather but found a bit too heavy. I use a dovo which suits me

Cr4z3d says:

This guy knows exactly what he’s doing, best barber I’ve seen on YT so far.

Scott Brown says:

great shave Farzad! Very educational. thank you

Martin John says:

was wondering how you sterilize your brush after the service??

Bradley Monroe says:

hot lather as they call it.

Crochet Love says:

Thank you for the video.

Виталий Мушкатов says:

Very good!!!! It’s wondefull!!!

alphacharlie65ms says:

I am in barber school and I have the same thing, a few places slightly bleed and I am not cutting the person.  Why is this happening and will the cold towel stop the bleeding?

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