Hello guys, todays video
is on a head & beard shave using the EZblade shaving gel for the first time.
I recently switched from dry shave to gel shave and tried 4 different shaving gels and so far EZblade has been my favorite!
Shout out to my Barber Brother for helping me out with the video.
Below is the link if you are interested on purchasing the gel.
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Stay Blessed!!!

EZ Blade Shaving Gel :
Coupon code: lennthebarber
20% off 16oz EzBlade shaving gel

Wahl Magic Clip:

Wahl detailers:

Wahl Electric Shaver:



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Please do not try this at any moment, this is for educational purposes only and it’s presented by professionals. I will not be responsible for any Incidents due to your actions.


Executive says:

Did it myself with a straight razor a few months ago and I’m still bleeding.

Javier Cruz says:

did someone cut his neck?

Odis Redding says:

“one or two strokes and I’m done” Me too

Alex Huerta says:

I hate when ppl dislike good videos like fr great video.

Justin L says:

my dude lookin like frozo

Sherjeel Chaudhry says:

1k likes and 284th comment so early lol.

DC Native says:

@LenTheBarber Why couldn’t he take the razor on his bottom jawline? Just curious.

Matt Yoho says:

I’ve been searching for days for a good tutorial – I shave the sides and my beard with a straight razor. Wish I wouldve seen this before I cut my head to ribbons.

Faheem Barlas says:


MichaelJacksonfan August 29,1958 to June 25, 2009 says:

My wife got me a bottle and this stuff is incredible

LegendaryTrev says:

when his head is shiny, you da real MVP barber.

tumamaen4xd ok no says:

músic ?

Jeffery Jones says:

Were do I buy that at ???

Lieutenant Smack a hoe! says:


Faroek Nasierkhan says:

Is this also use able for shaving my pubic hair?

Fabian Barber Inc says:

Grettings from Costa Rica Len….

James Bailey says:

aye where can i get E-Z beard.

boom boom says:

daaaaaaaamn that a good clean cut aloha sistah from hawaii

The Echelons Know Me says:

that shit looks like it takes hair and skin

༫༺ཊZ says:

You sure like shaving black men

It'sAPotato APotato! says:

After one week yo have to repeat this procedure and spent again money for the barber….

will cooper says:

she’s nice

Zak Zak says:

50 cent

Jack Russo says:

If only you could shave that close

TheFloatingBoat says:

His head looks so slapable

arbin thapa says:

haha nigger

Cody Ethan Dre Murdock says:

do you still have bottle shaving cream

Michał sorensen says:

I gotta say for sure a lot of black dudes look good with an bald head . Like with this guy . He looking good

Martinus Oktobre says:


Florin Budeanu says:

this nigga need to clear his ears

Mar. WorldPeace says:

Dear Len, I love you! OK…byeee

Aries The Barber says:

Self taught barber just looking for new subscribers to help with advice and views. https://youtu.be/W2CeU8hGWfQ

Dad For Hire says:

why can’t you use the blade on under the chin?

Pakla Me says:

She is good. But he have dirty ear.. How is that possible?

Yoshi Salinas says:

homegirl got skills!!!much love!!!


Why would she say she’s definitely not getting paid for saying it’s good?? Lel

Jivika Bahadoersing says:

compare his head with a Malteser

Roger Riley says:

I’ve been shaving my head bald, not because I was going bald but for the look. My question is I usually use Gillette Fusion razors against the grain, in order to achieve that “BBS” (baby bottom smooth) feel, but they don’t last long and cost so much. How can I achieve that same look and feel? Never tried a safety razor, I heard that you don’t shave against the grain with those. So should I use a straight razor, a safety razor or something else. Thanks again! Oh I do enjoy your channel and I subscribed too.

Tat Spoon says:

easy blade shave bump spray or razor bump remover will allow him to shave his neck

emigrate says:

Why the gloves, though it implies there is a degree of ineptness, that she/ he may cut whilst and blood will flow. I have never seen a barber shaving someone employ wearing gloves.

Yoshi Salinas says:

i need to try that and you need to try that Tomb45 shaving gel..you wont be disappointed either 🙂

Mike D. says:

What kinda gold razor holder is that? And what kinda razors you use?

Scott Fraser says:

Funny looking kitchen…..


Go head girl. I wish I knew where you were so you can hook me up. That shave gel though. I gotta try that.

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