Hot Towel Shave at Joy’s Birth The Barbershop

HairCut Harry experiences a traditional hot towel shave at Joy’s Birth in Athens, Greece.

A men-only traditional Barbershop that specializes in old school cuts and hot towel shaves is located in the center of Athens within easy walking distance of many tourist attractions.

Joy’s Birth The Barbershop, Pallados 19, Athina 105 54, Greece
Barber: Vasilis Serafetinidis


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Wyatt Kane says:

Not many people can pull off a mustache. This guy does quite nicely.

Wander Villar says:

Yours videos are relaxing, very good. Regards from Dominican Republic!

Eduardo Ramirez Jr says:


Jesse Taylor says:

Harry’s vids instantly relax me. Thank you for that!

Chris Ruck says:

So nice to watch a shave video without constant traffic racket

Mocib says:

My new favourite relaxation cliip.

The acoustics of the place and audio execution are as good as in this one:

Ryan Thomas says:

I visited Greece two months ago and it’s a beautiful and historic place with kind people. Thank you for posting Harry.

Dazzle Daze says:

Nice video but why do barbers have tatoos…are they ex thugs?

thechosendude says:

Love these videos!

Any female barbers planned in the future?

Myles Walsvig says:

Your quest in general and how the passion came to be. My favorite is the Turkish Barber in London. The ultimate shave.

Aaron KD Bourn says:

I think in terms of pure ASMR sounds this is one of the best videos you’ve ever recorded

Gideon Milkens says:

Lol @1:00 when the barber looks into the camera bc he spilled some shaving cream on the floor.

aguyandhiscomputer says:

I wish they all did a massage at the end.

KhairulAnwar Abd rahim says:

Come to singapore !!

Dave Devil says:

Nice work!

SupreMe says:

Did it ever happen that a barber knew who you were because of your video’s?

Style Safwan says:

harry could you please make a haircut video in this shop?

im watching you says:

@21:30 the only thing going through my head “imagine if he let go of one side and accidentally towel whipped you”

Neil Connolly says:

Very soothing video Harry loved the decor of the shop too

aguyandhiscomputer says:

00:54 The Sultan of Silver would not approve. Must not stick finger in container. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Kevin Vieira says:

Great video & ASMR

Keith Dean says:

Watching someone getting shaved is sooooo boring. A haircut is something artistic and creative. But a shave. Really no!

mikeca98 says:

I personally really like the clarity of your videos shot in 720p60. What camera are you using now? Great video post as always.

mrOaltamirano says:


dol Hak says:

asmr ㅠ ㅠ thx thx

hakikateist says:

the razor makes a lot of voice and it means you will have a burning face after the shave, am i right?

Ana Annese says:

camera is too far away 🙁

Antonio27456 says:

Your job is very cool.

martin mclean says:

Hi Harry. Great video, thanks for sharing. Was just wondering if you have a personal favourite barbers that you have visited?
I personally like cliff in Las Vegas 🙂

Mike Fabrizi says:

This was great; it shows a master craftsman at work.   Very relaxing.

karpfenaut says:

> rightclick
> loop
thank me later

Iasonas Kolaklidis says:

Γεια σου πατριδα

Joel Cruz says:

What a ripoff! It taking too long, and too much scraping. WTF!

markatkinson167 says:

video quality and sound are top quality. Very well done indeed.

volos gate13club says:

balte re ligo mousikoula re sto video akoume pou tribei th mourh tou allou

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