Hello guys on this barber tutorial I will show you how I do a hot towel head shave using the EZ Blade shaving cream.
I will show you the steps I take , but you can do it which ever way you feel most comfortable.

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Please do not try this at any moment, this is for educational purposes only and it’s presented by professionals. I will not be responsible for any Incidents due to your actions.


Danny Blanco says:

dope video!!!!

DeVonte Gray says:

Len, where do you cut hair at? like which state, you really relax your clients.


can you make more videos please !!! keep up the good work the content is amazing i love all the details !!!

Suicide Edits says:

Does anyone know where to buy the spray at the end?

lmcrael says:

Me, please! That shave looked very satisfying.

Bailey Staffa says:

Please ! Im a up and coming barber going to cosmo school and could really use it ! Keep up the great videos too

Joe Casarez says:

thanks for all your videos. helps out a lot.

Antpaok says:

really well*

DollarTube says:

u need to wax ur arm

Abraham Juan says:

pick meee

Mark Christian says:

Dope vid Len! Keep it up!

Benjamín Caballero says:

Good job!

Jimmy Perez says:

Thank you for all the effort you put into these videos ! It has helped me a lot !

Elvis ortiz says:

are you a barber from California?

Brittanny Buckhalton says:

That was a great information really help me with my straight razor shaves. BrittTheBarber

rockyroadbarber says:

Thanks for sharing!!! I hope I win it lol barber luv fam

Sedrick Jones says:

Awesome session. im bald would love that product

Jason Bonilla says:

Keep up the good content

emigrate says:

Just grow an Afro Black men in particular have a high probability of getting ingrown hairs and razor burn.

LeBron james says:

Why not just leave a towel on his shoulder instead of putting paper towels on his. Neck

KareemEdits says:

Awesome! One of the best shavers on youtube!

Stan Wright says:

Grea5 Shave

Chris Maiolo says:

Great video. Many people think that being a barber is easy and that it’s a men’s job, you prove that anyone can be a barber independent of gender, and a good one. Awesome video

Khalil Byrd says:

when she got deep in them rolls yasssss

Rich Mitch says:

dope vid. The oil sheen at the end is a helpful technique to make it look shiny

WKxPrxMEz zV says:


David Coyote says:

Wow! Awesome skills!

AllAmericanGuy01 says:

Awesome video, but the fact that pores open and close have been scientifically proven as false. Pores are not muscles and therefore do not and cannot open and close. The heat from the water only softens the hair. It does nothing for pores.

muitobonito113 says:

Good shave. I like your technique.

Sandra Covert says:

I do a lot of bald shaves this really helped me

Mikedr23 RIGAK says:

Like your videos I’m a barber work in my family barbershop really like watching u videos I like this easy blade stuff would like to get it do they sell it in the uk ?

Bilal Ahmed says:

Great job !

ρɑʀɑɭɭɑχɪɑɭ ɑϚϚɪʍɪɭɑʇɪʘή says:

I notice you shave against the grain. that causes bumps.

Geraud Kelly says:

Great video len!! Ive been sha ing my head for 15yrs now & i really look fws to trying the ez blade shave gel.if i win lol

Jàmès J says:

Anyone else think these videos are relaxing AF

tameya lanier says:

I love how you cut hair

A 1UAN says:

you need to upload more ,, love the channel much luck

Max Herrera says:

len your great I love your haircut tutorials awesome keep it up!

The Smiths says:

Thanks for the tips

Alexander Ortiz says:

Clean shave technique is down packed. Always gotta have that technique lol. keep the videos coming. I’m a new subscriber.

Matt Giftedhands says:

Dope tutorial. Keep grinding!
Have you tried Tomb45 shave gel?

Jose Estrada says:

Why did you stop uploading videos? They’re always great & very helpful.

Frank Axt says:

Just an FYI, at around 5:00 you say you use a cold towel to close his pores. That is a MYTH – hot water doesn’t open your pores and cold water doesn’t close your pores. Pores are not temperature sensitive.

Jerica b says:

Love it Len. I’m learning and I miss you. Thanks

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