HOW TO FADE HAIR! Bald Fade Barber Tutorial

@headlinesbarbers @officialtomb45 presents another haircut tutorial! this one is a skin fade or bald fade to a #6 guard on top! clipper cutting and straight razor techniques! step by step barber tutorial. how to fade hair

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barber tools i used:
Andis ZR
Andis Masters Clippers (not fade master)
Andis Outliner blade
Dorco Prime Double Edge Razor blades

camera equipment:
canon 70D
canon 50mm 1.4 lens
voiceover mic
rode camera mic

Please watch: “Haircut Tutorial! Temp Fade with Twist on Top using Fast Feeds”


STONER C says:

you guy thing this hair cut well fix receding hairline?

Igor Todorovic says:

Bro …you cut hair good..but the music..what the fuuuuu..

Michael Cherri says:

nice video..nice haircut. .good narration.

MarkAnthony perez says:

bro i need a set of shears that does not push hair please suggest some that arent to expensive please!!!

AYL Yi-Huh says:

disturbing music cant concentrate

Jordan Schlansky says:

Did you buy those clippers straight from Amazon because most of the recent reviews of clippers in general are that they arrive messed up.

Denny Cadena says:

Are you still able to put your hair down like the guy in the video if u have sort of straight hair?

ok. says:

I’m not a professional but I can do this in my sleep, hold my beer!

carla borens says:

Great haircut but not a good teaching tool. The time was waaay too fast!

alberto bravo says:

do a fade line up and a spiky on top

sab sav says:

Barber use the balder but didn’t go back to blend it. Pulling out doesn’t blend it, it makes another line. U can’t see it in the video or even be able to tell but client will know once it’s grown out. Friendly tip- go back with the 0000 trimmer

The Man says:

that’s the one thought​they actually used a razor before seeing this

Shan Shan says:

haircut titorioooo

Rene Garcia says:

Dumb question: Do the Dorco double sided blades fit ur tomb 45 cartridge straight razor!?

alberto bravo says:

do a combover with a fade and line

Kendrick Lamar says:

What hair cut is this

Jamal Turner Musician says:

Does a 1 open fade into a 2 closed

Kristina Ramos says:


rmiran says:

bossio nice with them cutz.

javi alvarado says:

How much do you charge for a haircut

General Disarray says:

i wish i didnt go bald. i miss getting my hair cut so much

G Hecticc says:

thanks for the tips bro! You cut clean AF and helped me on my own fade. I do a bald medium high fade wit a 4 on top an u helped a lot to improve me.

General Disarray says:

also this guy has a passion for this so even if you have negative things to say its not like hes sitting here saying hes the master expert. but to me hes about as good as it gets a guy that knows what hes doing, continues to be open to learning and gives good customer consideration

Mandy says:

Is the beard cut a separate cost from haircut because that was a lot?

Frankie Fresh says:

How do you charge for a cut and beard like this?

PlakatBetta says:

why did you close the clipper with the 0 guard on the left side of the head then open it on the back and right side of the head?

ITZ Hamzy says:

Do I just tell my barber bald fade when getting this haircut

Jose Fernandez says:

Talk loud fam u talk low no movation to make people cut

Elenildo Alves De Oliveira Alves says:

salve chris! barbearia Dinhos brazil vc e mestre no fade

victor madrigal says:

thats whats up homie.

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