Similar to Zayn Malik’s new shaved haircut in 2015.
This is an easy to follow tutorial showing how to fade from a grade 4 1/2 into a grade 0 on the sides.
This is an ideal way to fade if you’re new to the barbering industry
or want to simplify things be using just one clipper.
I’m not saying this is the only way or the right or wrong way but it’s
quite a simple method.

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ADB 507 says:

Did you change the magic clip blade? Btw nice haircut

TRUTH says:

Hey man are you based in uk do you have a barbershop

Just Chillin says:

wow a fat ass line around dudes head. nice job.

Simon Faddoul says:

Do a flat top haircut video on him please

Hưng Ngô says:

Thanks for making this video for us. Have learnt a lot from your fading techniques.

Nicholas Agot says:

That’s a 4-1/2 on the top?? looks like a 2

B Allen says:

what Song is this please

soorej jackie says:

dude u are cool. thanks pal

jennifer constante says:

other Than that great haircut

David Montes says:

I’m glad you got Manny to help out your video

Stefan Perera says:

Nomads cutting hair in prison! That’s what’s up!

Ponkatalv says:

This has to be the worst fade I’ve ever seen, why would you make an instructional video? lmao

Ana Munitić says:

Those stache and goatie are bit unnecessary

Michele Matonti says:

nice cut man!

Matthew Benson says:

I think that’s the shittest haircut I’ve ever seen

Whatthehell808 says:

Terrible way to cut a bald fade. Why would u leave a line for the sideburns? If ur doing a fade leave out and bald out/fade bottom lines

No Guy says:

thank you
for everything

xtreme gold says:

after the cut.. now he looks like a chola

juanpepejohns says:

dude, where do you buy your shirts?! haha sorry but I have a similar body type and struggle to fin basic tees.

randomgirly808 says:

Your videos are so amazing and helpful! Personally I went to cosmetology school in the U.S. and I really learned nothing about men’s cuts. So most of the things I had learned are just from messing up my dads hair and a lot of trial and error. That made it super hard when I started out at my salon, but even after a year of doing hair seeing you do and explain a fade just makes me realize how much I’m over thing things. I really love how detail oriented you are as well as just seeing a cut be done from a Barbers perspective. I have such a respect for your craft and enjoy your videos!!

aveuch says:

How hard would it be to try this at home?

Ben Reicker says:

Miguel are you spanish

jonathan padilla says:

looks like a Mexican gangster now 🙂

Ping Pong says:

Can you do tutorial how to self cut a close to skin bald cut?

David Valles says:

Hey barber give me that arm robbers look.

Nick Knight says:

Did you trim his facial pubes?

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