How To Give The Ultimate Hot Towel Shave – Players Barbershop in Hatboro Pennsylvania

Here at Players Barbershop each barber takes a lot of pride in their art of how to shave a mans face properly. Today, George Bruno, also known as ‘The Sultan of Silver’ gives an in depth lesson on how he provides the closest shave he truly believes you’ll ever receive. Why not stop by today and leave feeling completely refreshed with a face as smooth as a baby’s bottom. You deserve to look good! You deserve to feel good too! We guarantee it seven days a week!


Players Barbershop
38 North York Road
Hatboro, PA 19040


suraj kumar says:

u r a master of shave. hats off to u.

Zom says:

99% talking 1% actual shaving.

smurfarooney2003 says:

The sultan of silver is a great artist

programmerM590 says:

“Just sit back, and relax, and fall asleep if you want – let me do all the stretching…” Giggity Giggity Goo!

Ас Ап says:

He is a professional

Daud Abdullah says:

Easily one of the most informative shaving videos I’v ever seen.


to manh towels were used tho

aldo tamez says:

man that looks very relaxing…. awesome

Dapper Dusk says:

Ain’t gonna lie, I just used a blade I got from auto zone and soap to shave XD. Sad part is that it did better than my Remington :/

Tony Benz says:

relaxing to watch

Anita Howard says:

Damnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I could watch you all day.

Lorenzo McGregor says:

Around the goatee isn’t super clean & he didn’t clean up the top of the mustache or the flavor saver. Am I taking crazy pills here? I would be pissed if I paid big $ for a shave that turned out sloppier than I can do at home.

Lorenzo Correa says:

Lenin got shaved !!

Noah Moore says:

This place sure looked different 2 years ago. xD I’ve gotten my hair cut here.

Radioman909 says:

Does anyone ever fall asleep getting this Shave?

egregious greg says:

I think they just got some bum off the street and shaved him!

Harry Ballzac says:

can’t believe this guy shaved his damn beard


Finish off by slitting the stool pigeons throat!

Ryan Gesell says:

Lenin looks relaxed.

jibar ava says:

Listening to his voice only really relaxing

Cecilio Gomez says:

Never ever ever use a razor without lubricant idc if you’re touching up finishing up idc. And no you don’t do downward strokes when applying anything to the face. Gravity does enough pulling down. To relax the muscles and keep wrinkles away you have to do upward strokes.
Lesson to be learned: Don’t pretend to know what ya don’t knowwwwwww

collie says:

.. fake ass barber

Onyx Wraith says:

Mr Lahey is that you?

Roose the Goose says:

Classy father Christmas gives older Lenin a shave

Mohammad Movahed says:

he gay ?

Sadicus Serpius says:

May I please know the name of the song you used for this video? I just simply love it.

Tajriq El says:

very well done, sir. as an OJT student down south, i didn’t see all of this. quite classy indeed.

you taught well.

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