How To Shave Like A Barber | Step By Step straight razor shave

How To Shave Like A Barber. In this video @kevthybarber is shaving with the ez blade royal package. He starts by applying the pre shave oil the hot towel followed by the shaving cream. Then he heals and conditions the skin using the after shave tnic and after shave lotion.

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Dick Trickle says:

What does applying oil prior to the hot towel do? First time seeing this.

Scott Varley says:

love the black shavette

Yusuf Khan says:

What kind of razor is this I really want one

an237251 says:

Awful video! The barber didn’t wash the beard to remove any dirt,grease, and dead skin. Didn’t trim the beard first, which would have resulted in a closer shave. Didn’t use a shaving brush to exfoliate the skin and raise the whiskers. The barber was sloppy over all. Could have shave the beard multiple times first time with the grain and second pass against the grain to achieve a closer and cleaner shave. Just awful video!!

luis arzate says:

Finally a left handed barber . thank you

mike herrera says:

if you are are going to offer a “royal shave” please get a hot towel warmer..not hot running water then soak a towel..dont disrespect the craft please you would of been the last barber i would of seen condoned this behavior

Anghel Vlad says:

nothing i would like to have on this video. butcher look, black sleeves give me the feeling of a barber that dosen’t wash his hands. the lack of a brush, soap, a manly aftershave…. give me the impresion of a hair saloon not a barbershop

dUbasics says:

what is the music???

Roberto Santos says:

im a new barber but i get really nervouse and even shake. How could i get rid of that

Andre' ClassicCuts says:


Lidia Udrija says:

Love this video and what razor is that

Denis A says:


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