How to Shave with a Double Edge Razor – Featuring Mühle


The First in the series of Tutorials with Mühle.
How to use a double edge razor to shave yourself at home.
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Music by Mark Aubert


Lae Henries says:

awesome content, this is even above network-quality. 😀

Garrett says:

had a brainfart using my Muhle R89, was changing the blade but my fingers were wet so i couldn’t get a good grip to twist it off. grabbed it tighter and turned with a little more force, then it gave way and took a very lage chunk out of my thumb that was bleeding for 20 hours. oopsie. gunna use a towel from now on to take off the top

Wilson says:

please drop us the links of all the products that you used in this video! I am interested to try all of them

TheDyNamiteT says:

Honestly, it’s not a good DE shave as I expected. Still, nice content.

Avani Singa says:

I shave with an electric razor but sometimes shave with a blade razor. Never shave the grain, though. Hair’s too thick.

Neil Connolly says:

I have an r41 it’s my favourite razor

r4x2 says:

Good video as always! WOuld you recommend pre-shave oil at all?

Drunken says:

i dont have time to shave twice

WHOMST'D says:


CarlosThe Wolf says:

Just purchased a R89 Muhle Jet! Comes tomorrow, boom!

Marc says:

When I first watched this I thought at 3:14 he said “So the second pass is just to eliminate any bitch you missed on the first shave”

Marc says:

Does anyone know the name of the actual song by Mark Aubert that plays at the beginning of this video?

Christopher Dobey says:


jeffry yohanes says:

any advice for a good yet affordable blade??

Jedi Mojo Jojo says:

what would you recommend for guys who have been using clippers to shave for years and now wanting to use a razor? would something like that be a good idea?

avas aasd says:

Compadre usted es Chileno cierto? saludos.

markus hoffsten says:

Want this in Sweden to!

Compliance cat says:


Djsoulstep79 says:

To the trained professional barber, what is the view taken on the shave you did here vs. that of a commercial razor like Gillette Mach 3 etc. Surely the single blade shave is cleaner & more comfortable?

louis frey says:

loved this, great editing!

Cliff Hollstein says:

Well, the dude has no facial hair!

SuperAkai says:

+thenomadbarber when will you travel the world again to do more videos on different cities?

braulio suarez says:


Leutrim Sallahu says:

Man I missed these, nice filming and nice info.

Djinn408 says:

Hey there, been shaving before using just basic cartridge razors in the past but I never used any aftershave balms and it hasn’t caused me too much trouble before. I picked up a safety razor recently and was curious as to what type of aftershave balm i should consider. My face isn’t extremely sensitive post shave, i.e. no redness, but does have a slight sensitivity on touch but only on really close shaves (sometimes when i get a shave at my local spot who uses a shavette). I’ve been seeing oils, and gels and such, but is there a certain type I should pick?

Appreciate any advise.

Karr Radd says:

I love these productions. I often look at them to fall asleep. Plus, the Nomad is easy on the eyes. Yes, i said it! Easy on the eyes…

Q Holiday says:

I’m a black male and i feel like if i dont go against the grain the blade will not pick up all the hair its needs to and it drives me crazy, there will be dark spots where small follicles of hair will remain and it looks somewhat patchy. i dont know how to fix this. PLEASE HELP! And on a side not, when i go against the grain i never break out, not on my neck or face, the only place is that little pocket on the very back of my neck in the middle of my head

ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

this mühle bullshit sucks like wilkinson
gilette is dope or use the good old cutthroat razer would be cool if you could use next time a test person 🙂
thanks for the upploade mate

braulio suarez says:

You ‘re coming to Spain to make a video +thenomadbarber

two fast says:

Thanks for the video .Most DE shaves are 3 pass min. I guess you are normally a cart shaver all good tho.

Red Hawk says:

Just tried my first double edge shave today. Freaking love it.

santoslittlehelper06 says:

Any special instructions for gentlemen with fair, Scottish skin?

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