How to Shave with a Straight Razor | AoM Instructional

Enjoy this introduction to Straight Razor shaving in this video version of the popular Art of Manliness article:


Dovo Straight Razor:

Fromm Razor Strop:

Parker 100% Badger Brush:

Pinaud Clubman Aftershave Lotion:

Proraso Shaving Cream:

William’s Mug Soap:

Colonel Conk Razor Stand:

Art of Manliness Book:


The Cowboy Casanova says:

DC Douglas!?

Jasmine Neuser says:

Im a 17 yr old girl why am i watching this

Larnotlars says:

I’ve been watching “Straight Razor 101” videos all morning, my first 2 attempts were poorly conceived… So far this was the most enjoyable, but it would be nice to include some about stropping and lathering since they could influence the experience….

Serious Commenter says:

This is funny

OjaioFansub says:

man I want a straight razor, but I only have a disposable blade straight razor

Armani Rodriguez says:

Real men shave with a sword bayonet.

Indomitus1973 says:

Educational and entertaining. Well done.

Callum Goodall says:

but what if you’re not a soy boy and your face is chiselled?

Unknown says:

I’ve never shaved with a straight razor but I watched a barbering programme where the barbers learned how to use a straight razor by shaving a balloon first and they had to shave the balloon without bursting it only once the managed to do that were they allowed to do it on a real person so I guess that’s a good way to learn for the guys who are wanting to do it.

Emiliano Chavez says:

Recently got one and i already love it lol

Otto Von Bismarck says:

I shave with my Kalashnikov bayonet.

white boy says:

It reminds you that your alive. Lol at least for the next few minutes

Alpha Adeeb says:

Real men don’t clean shave

Udrakan Morturim says:

Now, How to shave with an axe

Stephen Michaels says:

Does the principle of ,, beard reduction, not beard removal” apply to the straight razor as well ?

German Tyuryayev says:

I wanna watch spongebob now.


Aftershave is for the weak dry skin is for REAL MEN

Freddy Murphy says:

Thanks I’m 15 and just getting a hairy ass beard and this all I got sooo ya thanks

WanderAbroad says:

Now I know why fathers used to have to teach their sons how to shave. I heard that said once and I wondered what was so hard about a gillette razor that guys needed teaching. Well, this is a dogon straight razor. And now from the music and video I somehow feel the need to go play Bioshock again.

Dayton Cramer says:

Real men don’t shave they trim once a month

Red Riding Hood says:

Second that. Thanks narrator guy!

Marlondaydreams says:

Why must Bill be such a *W E E N I E*

Tricky The hair says:

Welp…. that hurt

Gil Ortiz says:

easier to shave when u have no facial hair lol dude had stubble.

Arn Vlogs says:

man its so difficult I tried to imitate u and ended up slicing a part of my nasal skin

SuperJigles says:

I unfortunately still suffer from some acne. How would I go about shaving with said acne, if I even should?

Sam M says:

I cut off my dick

march man says:

I shave my head with one of those each month dont usually use a mirror same with my face

brknspacebar says:

600th comment….i am complete

Maximuss says:

Classy af

Doctor J says:

For men who do this, count on these 3 things:

1.) You WILL cut yourself
2.) It will double your shave time if you do it correctly
3.) YOu will more than likely return to using a DE razor due to 1 and 2

Raphael Leleux says:

This guy looks a lot like Steven Crowder. I wonder if they are brothers or something.

b H says:

I shave with eagle talons and use Cherokee tears as lube

shifted n' rifted says:

people say things, Bill

Jack Meyer says:

“thanks narrator man”

Sean Cummings says:

Sounds like this old tony

Craig S says:

Wait are people questioning my masculinity

Iskander Massimov says:

exceptional deliver

Chet Manly says:

im watching this covered in tiny blood soaked toilet paper pieces on my face

William Hernandez says:

Lol sweet

Gammareign says:

In all honesty, it might be more badass to have your beard waxed.

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