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God bless, working hard for you. thanks for sharing this.


Rajendra Biswas says:

hi vick do check out my omega shaving cream india video

Dougie DoinIt says:


Ramiro Mendoza says:

where are yall located ?

Kingofhearts1145 says:

What is the name of that straight razor?

Youngdanny45 says:

Where can you get the straight edge razor? Nice cuts by the way

Victor Cancel says:

Was that Dave diggs in the background???

Joe Louis Torres says:

The dry line up is fresh, ive never had a line up like that i imagen it being a bit uncomfortable since its scraping skin.. I need to get one to know what it feels like. So i can offer it to my clients

Ionut Daniel Andrei says:

Peace out man. I really admire you for what you doing, and big respect , cheers from Romania

Cristian says:

how much do u charge for this cut ?


Got a dry shave last week and barber end up messing up my skin leaving red marks and I felt skin irritation too. Maybe he was using a dull blade not sure, thankfully the spots on my face went away in 2-3 days. No more dry shaves for me unless its on the neck line only I rather they use the andis on my face then a straight razor only and I don’t have sensitive skin or a thick beard even.

This shave was nice don’t see any skin irritation on the guys face and the line is tight.

Manuel Seguin says:

great vid, you guys are pros i love it. good tips thanks

J. Alberto B. says:

whats the brand or that razor?

blackpowerguy says:

You are by far the coldest barber that I have seen on youtube!

MrPops05 says:

Ur still da best on youtube Vick, I love watching ur videos very educational. Stay humble always. Barber Luv.

jcfanatic27 says:

With all do respect, Your clipper edge was just as crispyyy!!!! That guy really didnt need you to use the razor!!!

Abdul Makhboor says:

I been cutting for nearly 24 years but I don’t use razor on the face but I learnt a lot from you . I can fade with razor on head . thanks for the kris upload

Pan Cytryna says:


1BinLadeN says:

Nice !

Thomas Jimenez says:

Nice suggestion on the gel. Sally’s is the spot.

Keith El Bey says:

Thanks bruh . You are the man!

opinionatorX says:

I have seen your videos bro. You are good teacher. How may uses can you get out of 1 razor? How often should you change them?

God says:

What kind of hair cut is that ?

ExiledCarebear says:

Really informative video, Vick makes it look a lot easier than it is, and he shows a lot of skill and control 10/10.

AsaTheEvilOne says:

Never seen a barber hit the back with the razor before that is nice and clean

ssavoy7 says:

Where is your barbershop located?

Amir Delavari says:

Hello. Pls give me link for your Razor. 😀 best regards from Germany

skylar maldonado says:

my man has no neck lol, nie cut tho

chris caronia says:

Yeah bruh, I would definitely pay 40 a week for your cut. I got a pretty good barber here in new orleans, but you are consistent with your cuts and perfect fading. God bless dude

Jose' Antonio says:

it looks like a fromm?

Nate Banks says:

That was a very nice and very simple demonstration. People who never used a razor typically use a trimmer or clipper because they are afraid they may get bumps but your demonstration makes it very easy to do and less work. Im a Barber non license and never used a razor but after seeing this video I have the confidence thanks

ThatGuyWithTheZ says:

Very nice taper nice job

BBO1914 says:

you must understand your client (if they are repeat customers) and pay attention to what kind of skin a customer has. some ppl can take the straight razor, some cant. def a good look on the videos Vick

Drew Bonifacio says:

looks and probably feels like heaven. where can I get one of these in oregon

Josiah Fox says:

you are great! can you cut my hair?

GuiTaRn3rd55 says:

Vick, the barber I go to does a great job but is it bad to always get cut after using the straight razor? I seem to always bleed a bit and I am not sure what he is doing wrong. What should I tell him?

KODmasta07 says:

Super clean shape up!

Jacob Morgan says:

What are the numbers on that cut and the name of it …. taper fade ?

Dayj smith says:

dry wins

sam jackson says:

what level is that haircut? someone answer plz

einsp227 says:

boys sharp.

landon baize says:

I have a fromm razor like that but I don’t get Hella clean lines like that shaving my own face and Lines ears forward

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