Luxury Hot Towel Wet Shave


Yvan Devost says:

God how I would love to sit in your chair, but being in Canada it’s a little bit hard. Really nice and relaxing job you do !!!

KnifeCrazzzy says:

This was a wonderful video thank you so much!!!!

- Vajradatta - says:

A great 18 minutes for the gent getting the shave, me for watching it and the barber too who obviously loves what he’s doing. Well done.

Leone Ranger says:

Brilliant shave! Smooth as a baby’s bum



Mark Dayoc says:

I see you’re located in Winchester. I’m soon visiting London and would like to stop in for an appointment. Any additional info or suggestions how to get there would be appreciated. My first UK visit!

sa muse says:

Thank you. I really enjoyed your commentary. Great job!

Brett Hopkins says:

What made you wanna be a barber? Been thinking about pursuing it, but wanted a wise opinion. Stinks that over here we can’t use brushes and can only use shavette blades. Really love your passion to doing whatever you can for your client.

Gilles Lahire says:

An Indian Barber takes 8 Cent, in London it costs 100 Euro….

Jim Clark says:

Dont make sence to use the hot towel after shave, he must use it before shave to open the pores. After shave its better to use a cold tower to close the pores.

Ahmed Hanie says:

Great video, I loved every minute and i kept envying your client
Excellent Job sir 🙂

CoonShoot says:

Does this apply to back shaving?

Kis Tamás says:


evilnscott18 says:


excellentes says:

The only reason I wanted a beard was to get this treatment, watching this video made me calm and happy.

Jim Stull says:

What a barber – he has thought of everything !! I wish I was near him, I’d give my shaving stuff a rest for a day !!

Gib Stones says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this video. May I ask what kind of razor you are using in this video? Do you have any suggestions on razors and blades? Thank you so much.

Oomer says:

Great job sir..

Pedro Sousa Barros says:

This video is absolutely amazing. You sir, are an artist.
I’ve got a question for you. When I shave, I have to do one passage against the grain, otherwise I’m not happy with the result. It may be as you put it, and is my OCD kicking in. I use a straight razor and my technique isn’t that bad but I simply cannot get the results I want without going against the grain. Do you have any advices for me?
Best wishes from Portugal and merry christmas

Devin Goodson says:

This guy is good!

roosterinboro says:

Great vid…wondered about shave oil, and your explanation makes sense…

Walter Tupou says:

no lie this makes me want to cut off my beard so i can get this shave

Dale Baker says:

I have been shaving wrong, for ever, I have ingrown hair, and everything, can I still get a good shave like this. at least I don’t have a thick beard.

Mr_Tuxedo says:

How much does this cost?

CoonShoot says:

*He must get the urge to slash a throat now and then.*

Nigel Old & Grey says:

nice shave, interesting narration, thanks for posting

nixma17 says:

One of the best I’ve seen. Great work!

jonnyjensen1 says:

You really should do more videos, this wet shave demonstration and your commentary is excellent.

vadral says:

mate where are you,i’ll fly from italy for a shave

Clive Slack says:

Best shave Ive ever seen.

chad says:

i really admire the care you take to satisfy your customer, i like how you used “psyche” of the customer to give him the full experience of absolute luxury. If you were in my city i would be there 3-4 times a week, thank you for the video.

CornishCreamtea07 says:

Do these last longer then a razorblade shave?

Asmr Lover says:

Hello I agree with the viewer down below about best video but I wonder If you could please tell me what the difference Is between a wet shave and a electric razor shave?

SuperSimpleasthat says:

hot towel after a shave is just wrong

TheLordstrider says:

Perfection at it’s best 🙂

Jordan K says:

Shit now I want a shave from this guy, really looks relaxing

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