National Barber Exam Disc 2 Sample


California Practical State exam will change to National Examination Standards starting October the 1st 2011 This DVD is according to demands after October 1st 2011 , students programmed for examination after October 1st 2011. The International School of Beauty Barber National Exam Video Disc 1 is the only comprehensive practical exam preparation media available.
The National Barber Practical Examination DVD 1 video covers the complete practical exam from start to finish. Learn the proper techniques for all of the Barber exam requirements.
Sections covered in this easy-to-follow video are:
1. Supplies & Materials Needed For the Exam
2. Disinfection Procedures
3. Client Draping & Safety
4. Sanitary Maintenance
5.Setup and Client Protection
6.Shaving with a Straight Razor
7.Basic Facial
9.Blow Dry Styling
10. Clean-Up Procedures
11.Chemical Waving
12.Hair Lightening / Coloring
13.Chemical Relaxing
All video segments are performed by California licensed instructors who specialize in State Board / National Exam preparation.
This video is ideal for both current students and beauty school graduates who are planning on taking the National Barber Practical Examination
Don’t show up on your exam date unprepared! Order the Barber Exam Preparation video today and learn to the proper techniques to pass your exam with flying colors!
Video Duration: 57 m
Formats: DVD (NTSC) Produced By: International School of Beauty inc, view more info at
Phone: 760.674.1624
Fax: 760.340.4267


Fernando Rodriguez says:

I felt to sleep watching this.. I cant wait to get my liscense but not looking foward for the test

circleofconfusion9 says:

Thats what the barber does in this video, and its a common technique barbers use.
He does not shave him between the hot towel and the lather. I’m not sure where you got that idea?
The barber first applies lather, then a hot towel right after.
He then removes the hot towel, wipes off the old lather and reapply new lather.
then he begins the shave.

Anita G says:

im confused.. is this da same thing as the nj shaving mock.. that u do in state board..

op wfree says:

just passed because of you

Rawand Najm says:

it’s useful video but it’s not completed I have the exam soon so someone please tell me how to do set up for haircut or make a video show everything I know how to do haircut I was a barber in my country but I never worked in U S I don’t know how thing goes here I live in New Hampshire

Christopher Brown says:

i enjoy every part of barbering.

stormsaproblem says:

This is all wrong… you are either standing in a 9 Oclock or 12 Oclock position. Do this shit at state board and they will be sending your ass home lol

alloneword154 says:

There is no national barber exam

Rawand Najm says:

it’s useful video but it’s not completed I have the exam soon so someone please tell me how to do set up for haircut or make a video show everything I know how to do haircut I was a barber in my country but I never worked in U S I don’t know how thing goes here I live in New Hampshire

TerahDaBarber says:

Great video

LoveMokes says:

When I shave men’s faces I wear gloves. I do not understand these people who don’t protect their hands from germs. Think how man people’s faces they are intimate with and how much washing is involved allll day. I wash my hands before and after. But still, there is only so much a wash can do to remove germs from your hands and nails. Besides its just gross, the hair, oil and skin that you are touching. Why do these people NOT wear gloves? The overall result is just as good.

Matthew Hood says:

Yeah this guy is way bad. Needs a lot more practice.

Mar Mar says:

for all who think can shave better….why not to show us his or her Technics’s…..or the comment will be useless…….we cant say my oil is the best and we don’t have oil.

DrewTheDestroyer says:

had his shave steps wrong.. he did step 8 and called it step 6 according to miladys barbing text book so that makes 6-8 wrong…

Jose V says:

very good video

circleofconfusion9 says:

Its actually really common for Barbers to apply lather 1st, and then a Hot towel 2nd
it really helps soften the skin and hair.

DJ MaNiC says:

Haters GONE Hate no Matter What.. fill Free TO Hate on Me.. lol bet that dude has his license tho

Vivian Iacoboni says:

As a registered nurse and barber I agree with the use of gloves for YOUR protection if there is a scant blood draw, and for your client protection.  Good fitting Surgical gloves also aid with grip. (Vinyl will slide).  I personally don’t care what anyone thinks, or wether other barbers do it.  It is the safe and practical thing to do.  As far a criticizing this video:  There are many ways to do any procedure.  They are demonstrating one.  It is an excellent basic, student-confidence-boosting video.  For those who are critical, please produce your own video and enlighten all of us.  I love new learning and will look positively at it.  Sincerely.

Julian Zamora says:

This is completely wrong way to shave someone I wouldn’t trust anyone of those fuckers shaving me

marrakesh77 says:

thanks alot very helpful thanks again

Mar Mar says:

pro master barber,s don’t learn in school master’s have to be earned….I’m a barber 21 years experience and i don’t have a licences….


@LoveMokes just LOL, sorry. why use gloves? I dont want to cut my customers while using this rubber nonsense. btw I have never seen a barber using gloves in my life.

John Mansi says:

The first layer of lather serves to clean the face of any dirt and debit, as well as soften the beard. This is , or should be common practice for barbers as it is in the text book.

chisicilian says:

Damn the chick in the beginning is sexy I don’t why but wow I want her

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