Nomad Barber – The Art of being a Gentleman


This video captures an interview we did with Mark in 2014, it’s been in the pipeline to be released for a very long time, but late is better than never. I really hope the video, please check out my new channel too

Check out Mark’s work on Instagram @mjsolofamensgrooming Located in Berkeley, CA.

Nomad Barber is a web-series following Miguel Gutierrez discover barbering around the world. We also have tutorials and Vlogs all about men’s grooming, travel and lifestyle.

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F Lomas says:

God Bless you brother. You’re a true inspiration, not only as a barber, but more so, as a great father and a Man.

Hoss Cartwright says:

Who’s cutting onions in here

Amazing Boobs With A Boy Attached to Them says:


Kingpins Barbershop says:

if your not moved at the 9 minute mark your made of stone. Top bloke for sure.

divined21 says:

If Miguel would have played some sad music in the background at the end of the video I swear I would of been crying like a little bitch.

Randall Gomez says:

i didnt expect the water works at the end. my upmost respect for this man for bettering himself in his education and skills and being a single father at the same time. great example of what a man should be

Sheng Long is back!!! says:

yo that island old skool steelo..actually old skool values..but that end part inspiration and meaningful..malo uso fafetai lava oe fafetai lava mo normadbarber..awesome interview

251trioxin says:

So well spoken … true gentleman

Douglas Roehling says:

Hi what a great man

Alan Flanagan says:


Ptolemy Scribe says:

this guy is the epitome of a gentleman

Yuca Leon says:

I’m only in high school and I’m taking all the barbering classes I really wanna be a barber and I really like his style

Irving Ramirez says:

Finally his origin story

rodriguez says:

amazing wonderful video lot of repect for this gentleman..

Victor C says:

Can anyone specify to me what music genre is used in this video? I find it cool but can’t find songs with the same rhythm (similarity) thank you in advance

Thanos Titan says:

God bless this man !
Our Presidents must be like this man !

DJ Deckard Cain says:

Came thinking it’d be a little tips and tricks of shaving and whatnot to a deep talk with a true human being, needing a tissue.

akron61972 says:


I like to SHAVE by Massimo Mangani says:

I like to watch your videos, they’re very instructive and they let us know shaving traditions all around the world.
Thank you, if you want you’re welcome to my italian channell.

Thomas Müller says:

Your 2014 video brought me to follow Mark on Instagram. He always is a great inspiration.

Larry Freestone says:

This guy is the real deal!

Bobs YourUncle says:

Why can he pull off the moustache tho?

Simply Nick says:

I just had to be a Dad with a daughter watching this right next to her… Watery Eyes.


A worker, a FATHER, that´s what defines a real man.
Very nice video !!

stancexpunks says:

Omg I started tearing up too when they were. Reminds me of my dad and myself.

SpitimouVids says:

This guy is so cool; awesome feature!

Matthew Woodroffe says:

that was beautiful

Funch says:

Damn, i’m def going to that spot. 15 minutes away!

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