Old school straight shave by The Barber Luke

Traditional cut throat barber shave.

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JBHTWIN10 says:

Do you ever place anything cold at the end to close the pores?

Shoaib K says:

I need to find a barber like this with this much Class and skill

Sans says:

damn good shave and damn he look good no homo

KrownSkull says:

this was cool when only a couple guys were doing this stuff. now it’s copied everywhere, shit they got um at the malls now. no more originality

pillsareyummy says:

For 40$, I’ll shave you with my Braun electric shaver. Followed by a cold towel, generic (and cheap) hand cream and lastly a kick in the head. After I take your money, I’ll go to this guy for a real shave. 

Apfel Komplott says:


Jonasaur j3j0 says:

dude, don’t bring your shower towels to the barber shop, just buy the regular size ones for shaving…

Héctor Rangel says:


Pecker McLottsadickdangling says:

I love the music and the video together. It was captivating. Well done.

K K says:

I’ve always been a huge fan of hot cloth shaved, if I had a bloke this is one thing I would love to do. A great book to read is ‘The guide to gentleman’s grooming’ by the National Trust. Keep up the good work

2112dim says:

Showing true respect to his art.

Héctor Rangel says:

Hi Barber Luke. I shave every 3rd day with a double edge Edwin Jagger and shaves so good. But i have a Daune shavette from Italy (it is a double edge shavette) and a Parker shavette that uses half double edge blade. I really like to use the parker but i still cuting myself at the minor little mistake it doesn`t forgive you nothing jaja. Nextime you made a video put the sound of the blade on the cutting hair, love that sound. Thanks!

aaron i says:

The song is Bonobo-Sapphire in case you were wondering

Quentin Alexandre says:

What blades are you using on your shavette ?

Renan Duarte says:

Where do you heat your towels? Nice video man!

Žydrūnas Gira says:

The best shave he‘s ever getting in his life

Marlon R says:

Very professional. I wish there were shops here that did work that matches your quality.

olie171 says:

The barber is pretty hot I have to say.

The Fade Factory Group Inc. says:

This is a very professional method. Luke has a smooth hand when it comes to shaving. We support you bro.

Saad Asif says:

The way of putting the towel was different. but every barber in pakistan at-least does shave like this. DONT MIND but im asking coz may be there was something extraordinary in this video but i missed it…thats why i wrote this.

DJ Deckard Cain says:

i was kindve confused why he kept dipping the razor in water…then it occurred to me, probably to keep it warm for a more gentle shave. nice technique as well. ive never seen anyone with quite that style before. very meticulous.

Moustache Maniac says:

Great vid – please check out and subscribe to my channel!!!

Renan Duarte says:

The last towel is cold? If yes, how do you cool it?

666 Horsepower says:

Do a disconnected undercut plz. Thnx

ansiaaa says:

you look like tom hardy

semafırat gazi says:

ulan böyle sakal traşımı olur berbat

henry galvan says:

Shaves like a cardiologist

Luis Nunez says:

+TheBarberLuke what’s the name of the song?

Black Momba says:

Dope work too.

alphacharlie65ms says:

What are you dipping the razor in after you wipe on a towel? I currently just started barber school.

Alessandro Clúnder Berraizabal. says:

More videos pls

Cameron Scott says:

Very nice. I”m opening a barber shop soon and I want my guys to dress and perform like this. Very professional! and the music is dope too lol

林小語 says:


Stacey Cope says:


Black Momba says:

Love the music in the background

Daniel Fuller says:

how the hell did I get here?

jason rothfeld says:

You’re very good at what you do! Do you have your own shop yet?

Peter Griffin says:

The music is fantastic.

Kulwant Singh says:

nice work

Keith Raymond says:

I like your style man. 2 questions. How the hell do you heat up those big ass towels, and do you always do that much backhand or did you just do it for the vid?

Josh Beals says:

This would be a lot better if didn’t have the music on here

Serdar Akar says:

Wtf is this bullshit. You a scared barber

Tejas salvi says:

what was he shaving his skin

Luan Moreira says:

pena que eu não tenho braba.

aaa says:

what is it what you do when you bring the razor off screen all the time?

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