Perfect Shave (RAIN + ASMR)- Indian Street Barber Episode 4

This is the last episode in this series featuring Sunil Kumar Thakur. With his experience of 22 years he provides an amazing shave. I get a small cut on my chin due to an very small boil but he handles it perfectly.
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How to Shave Tutorial:
Wash your face or the area you want to shave. Washing removes excess oil and dead skin cells, which can interfere with the razor or irritate your gently-scraped skin while simultaneously reducing bacteria that could cause infection. Washing also moisturizes the hair about to be shaved, softening it and making the shave easier.
Use warm water when washing your hair pre-shave. Warm water will help soften your follicles and encourage your pores to open, making for a closer shave.
Try shaving after you shower. If you shave in the morning, shaving after your shower will give your whiskers time to absorb the water from the shower and should make for a smoother shave.
Apply a lubricant to your wet face, preferably shaving cream. Shaving skin directly with a razor is a no-no: You’ll end up looking like you just had a date with Freddy Krueger. The razor should never contact your skin without some kind of lubricant mediating the encounter. Otherwise, the blade will drag the skin rather than skim along its surface.[6]
Apply shaving cream (or gel) liberally over your entire face. Shaving cream softens the hair and moisturizes the skin, but if you’re in a pinch, you can also shave with conditioner or even with soap (only if you’re really in a pinch).
If you’re using a shaving brush and shaving cream to work the shaving cream into a lather, put a small dollop of shaving cream the size of a dime into a coffee mug, bowl, or other receptacle. Wet your shaving brush with cold water. Whip the shaving brush around your bowl in a circular motion, agitating the shaving cream. Adding more cool water as necessary, whip the shaving cream into a light lather with soft peaks. This should take 2-3 minutes. Use the shaving brush to work the cream onto your face in a circular motion, going over your entire face multiple times.
Let the shaving cream rest on your face for 1-2 minutes. If you can afford to let the shaving cream rest on your face a while before you attack it with a razor blade, you’ll notice the difference. The shaving cream will continue moisturizing your whiskers, leaving them soft and wet.
Hold the razor correctly. If you’re using a multi-blade razor, which seems to be the most popular kind, hold the razor with your index finger extended near the top of the shaft, resting the head flat of the razor against the skin. The handle should be raised at an angle of 30 degrees or so.
Pat dry and moisturize. Don’t rub with a towel, as that can irritate the freshly shaved skin. Use a generous amount of moisturizer that is free of perfumes and other potential irritants (e.g. baby oil) if you suffer from dry facial skin. Never apply deodorant, anti-perspirants, perfume, or anything that stings on just shaved skin.
You may use aftershave as a coolant or light perfume on your skin post-shave, but it could irritate your face. If you apply aftershave and it stings an area of your face, you know that you irritated that area during your shave. Take special caution next time you shave that area.
Rinse, clean and dry your blade after you’re finished. Remove any hair or buildup that’s accumulated while shaving. This avoids contaminants and minerals in the water from drying onto the blades making the blades blunt. Stainless steel blades may also oxidize to some degree when they come in contact with water. Slow the oxidation process by thoroughly drying your razor blade after use. Blades can also be ‘stropped’ on denim jeans by rubbing the blade in the non cutting direction about ten to twenty times or so; this dries and polishes the front of the blades and allows them to last many times longer.


Ebenezer Shylla says:

Fuck!!! the perfect shape my ass. He forgot to changed the blade and he cut a larger portion of the skin.

Optimist Dreamer says:


hellowhitepeople says:


Crotter Troll says:

Порезал !?

Да ну нахер… он еще и брить начал несвежим лезвием

Cole Edit's says:

lol besides LATE blade change, them scissors were loser than the aids he could of contracted

Love My Mom says:

is that ice after shave? , why they use creme after shave?

ibraheem asfour says:

he is professional

iDJHamyHam says:

You call this the perfect shave but he didn’t change the blade and he cut him a few times. That’s literally the definition of a horrible shave

iddn says:

Omg he forgot to change the blade! Aids

elisabeth marsolais says:

behine him its looks so awful and dirt..

spankmepink says:

i was scared for his life at a minute in when he went to the gas can…. looks like he uses it for water since no one caught fire

Tor Zireael says:

So nice! Thanks from Russia!

Evelyn Parra says:

I see they are very practical, they work very well.

Hitmans Assistant says:

You should have left the hair combing part at the end

Данил Сунцов says:

9:35 what is it?

darrylhaynes says:

he cut the guy his face is bleeding

Austrian Prepper says:

These guys have awsome abilities – thank you from Europe

beaker4251 says:

Great video! What we’re the face products used at the end? I saw the alum, then later the after shave, but what were the others?

Jim Lansaw says:

Relaxing & enjoyable, as always. Will you be cutting all of parts together into one video? That would be nice. Thank you from San Diego, California.

Axel Rivera says:

awesome shave, love your videos

WolfRanger2008 says:

It did look like a very smooth comfortable shave. I wonder if it would have been even better if the barber had moistened the client’s face a bit more before the shave?

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