Safety Razor 101 (Ft. Art Of Shaving Master Barber) || Gent’s Lounge

Master Barber Steve takes Blake & George Through the Process of how to shave with a safety razor.

Art of Shaving –

This video is a part of a 4-part series with The Art of Shaving. Stay tuned for the full series coming every 2 weeks.

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Miguel Jimenez says:

Thanks gents lounge. Great video. I have the exact safety razor by the art of shaving. Great products and knowledgeable staff. Most men need to enjoy our little pampering moments(shaving,cocktails,massage,grooming). Life us short enjoy it.

RobotShlomo says:

I got a safety razor last Christmas and I’ve summed up the experience in two words; UNRELENTING MISERY. No matter what I did, I had MASSIVE razor burn and irritation, and it looked like I was attacked by a rabid barber. And no matter what I did, I always had to follow it up with a disposable. It never got anywhere near as close as a disposable. Running my hand over my face I would always feel stubble it left behind.

flyhighlow3 says:

Man is it just me or does George look better with his beard…?

Faroek Nasierkhan says:

Thank you very much for sharing this video. Can you please tell me the type and brand of the safety razor? Maybe I can order and purchase this razor online.

Abdullah Masud says:

First comment I think I deserve a free shave.

sageizm says:

you look youthful. perfect.

aldair sobalvarro says:

thanks 4 putting me onto gentlemen jon def copping the deluxe kit this weekend none like a fresh shave to remain wavy!!

Yassine Ouerda says:

How much is this ? Good video by the way!!

Daniel Garcia says:

The look he gave the razor before he shaved him was priceless! He’s like “Damn, I’m gonna cut this guy!”

Patrik Svahn says:

Been shaving with a safety razor for about 6 months now and it is the best closest smoothest shaving I’ve ever had. Will never go back to the expensive and boring cartridge razor again

Michael Smith says:

This video is a godsend, the first time in my life, I have no irritation, I have acne and it cut that a little, but other than that, an awesome shave! Thanks guys!

Daniel Devine says:

Great video.

bizzarrogeorge says:

the poor guy has to wear a suit at his barber chair? this has got to be some hipster barbershop.

Andrew Lee says:

Tuxedos 202? Prom season is upon us

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