Shave Doctor Cut Throat Barber Shave Video Tutorial

A cutthroat shave demonstration performed by Mark Sproston (The Shave Doctor).



The razor blades are called Tondeo Comfort Cut Blades from Germany..

Hajk Pannekoek says:

I bet you can’t shave me without me having ingrowns/less irritation. I really like your products, but my hair is too thick and my skin too sensitive. So simply just too difficult to handle, even for pro’s I guess.

MyChorizoSausage says:

This is a master class, great video!

Kevin Dukes says:

Nice shave and very detailed. …this shave doctor is cute. … 🙂

polymath says:

Good video. But shouldn’t you be using gloves on both the hands? Also, you need to make sure that the client’s hair is covered with a shower cap so that his hair isn’t damaged when you tuck that hot towel at the back of his head. Thin hair gets damaged easily due to the heat application.


what is the brand of your straight razor I know it is disposable blades tondeo but what type of razor?

Mr2Badboybrown says:

I went for one of these shaves back in may of this year it was fantastic, I wish I knew about the things mentioned in this video e.g. direction of hair growth, ingrown hairs, with and against the grain and all that it would’ve saved me some problems

rincon3315 says:

Hey doc, I shave with SR 4 days out of the week for work. I notice that on my second and third day of shaving, it hurts to shave my mustache area and the corners of my lips area. I use a feather non folding with pro guard blades. I do all the proper pre shave preparations. Any advice? I always shave with the grain and the across the grain. It seems like the hair becomes more sensitive. I have been shaving for 6 months. Thank you

galactus4mac says:

What razors blades are they? Merkur?

kemposoefi says:

Dear Mr. Sproston, that was one great shave! You are most welcome at my place… ;-). Great products you have, without a doubt. It’s a pity though, your brand is not too well known yet, here in the Netherlands. I wish you all the best. Cheers, Fred.

Paul P. says:

How do you shave a deep dimple/cleft on the chin?
Thank you.

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