Shaving Soap Lathering Tutorial – How To Make Thick, Rich, Shaving Lather

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This is a short tutorial on how to lather shaving soap, brush, and a bowl.

Shaving with a safety razor has become a bit of an obsession for me. Now I look forward to this daily routine. This video is on how to make shaving lather with a shaving brush and shaving soap.

A good quality shaving brush paired with a good quality shaving soap makes a huge difference when shaving with a safety razor. The brush needs to be soft, but firm enough to lather the soap and work into your face stubble. So get yourself a decent boar hair or badger brush. A good quality soap will lather nicely will be slick enough to lubricate your face when shaving, and will not dry out your face. You will know a good soap when your razor glides nicely without skipping on your skin, cutting you at the same time.

Of course, your safety razor and blade combination choice is critical. You can have a great safety razor with a junky blade. Or, you can have a junky safety razor with an awesome blade. Either way, both will result in a terrible shaving experience.

With that said, don’t go cheap on the blades or the razor. Have fun exploring, and learning about all your options.



MeisterSexy11 says:

do you mind telling what plate, bowl, and the thing used to hold the tools are?

marco cerqueglini says:


dethmaul says:

lmao at the applause. Had to do a double take for a split second.

bhola saitval says:

grat men !
i like that !

mak52580 says:

where did you get the shaving bowl and counter top dish? It makes the set seem more put together on the counter.

Mikai Crozier says:

why do you need a freaking brush

Paul McWilliams says:

Well I was wondering how you made it to the shower with all those people in your bathroom. 🙂 lmao

frogkic says:

Works like a charm, Thank You

Steven Kjeldgaard says:

Nice demo, well done!

ML Greenspan says:

Like the tea cup for a soap cup, seems most shave cups are high sided, the tea cup is shallow and wider allowing for for buildup of more lather.
Think I’ll go find me antique tea cup for the job. Like your “set-up” too. cheers!

Narq says:

I could shave and then make a meringue pie with that thick lather!

Cassandra Morehouse says:

In the shave soap, the round divot, is that there when you buy or did you ware it down?

Louis Ta says:

last night was funny, i made a lather so thick that it created a lot of drag and the brush keeps getting heavier by the minute.

Clint Robinson says:

What brand bowl and white holder is that?

SpikeG. jr. says:

I use the cheaper shave soaps that cost about 2 dollars or so. They work great for me.

Roland Jacobs says:

You don’t ruin your soup in the tin?

Mark Combs says:

would you mind telling us the name of the bowl and holder along with the safety razor in the video? looks sexy sitting on the counter and great setup. nice video

Worteltrekker says:

What is the name
Of the shavingcream?

Craig Welsh says:

You should never soak your brush in hot water. Warm water only my friend.

Alex Stenbom says:

Thank you so much! Great video!

Mr Tibbs says:

You are way over thinking this.

SKSith says:

I don’t know why I can’t get this to work. I’ve tried 3 different soaps and no matter how long I work at it, it will not lather. If I’m lucky I can get a tiny bit of lather out of it after, like 20 minutes of working at it, but not enough to do anything. I try adding more soap, I try adding more water, tiny bits at a time, and I just can’t get it going.

Alex Wu says:

I’d use dr Harris or art of shaving. Good stuff. And use badger , boar brushes are not nearly as nice

John Wachter says:

Why two bowls why not lather in one?

highonimmi says:

that is some hard assed water…or highly oxygenated.

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