step by step skin taper fade haircut | shadow fade tutorial by HOV the barber

step by step skin taper fade haircut by hov the barber follow hov on IG @hov1026 follow jay the barber on IG @realjaythebarber also for more go to for EZ BLADE Shaving Products for to


Clorox Bleach says:

What kind of -LA- clippers you be using?

Golden Boy says:

Nice cut, however, I thought he didn’t need to push back the sides that match, there was still heaps of hair for him to line him with. Besides that awesome cut. Keep up the good work

LuisoArt123 says:

You fucked the line up bad

Carlos Taveras says:


Ricardo A. Maestre says:

In Puerto Rico alot they don’t fade really or tape the neck line. just a regular neck line up, but tape and fade the sideburns.

manolin3737 says:

Le falta pulir a tu corte, muy grueso a los costados parece una vasenica

Hope Nix says:

U owned that Bro

FUL ANUEL 504 says:

K ruidosa esa makina

Daniel Silva black says:

Boa tarde meu nome é Danielblack

David Anchondo says:

Amigo me puedes decir todas los numeros de guias que usaste porfas

eneonyia francis says:

Nice cut , but side burns pushed in too far. Hope you will do better next time.

Johnny DeeRants says:

I knew his shit was gonna be bogus with your bogus ass taper

alviiiiin1988 says:

everything was good until he did the lineup……………

Gary Quadrozzi says:

Notice once he buries the sideburn he aint talking so much. haha. Shoulduh kept em and took em down a little bit and shaped it to a point bro

GDA says:

All I heard was dots here dots there dots mfin everywhere

unspoken words are the strongest says:

You fucked his shit up and used how many clippers to do it ? You said easy cut and counted a shit load of clippers aren’t you contradicting yourself ?

Adam Garcia says:

Why are you whispering

b More says:

He rounded off the temp line in the back. Over all looks ok.

Stephen Moult says:

And this is why I cut my own hair what a total fuck up

Kampf KartoffelTM says:

Taper in the back was good, sideburns and line-up were terrible

KRAZY cris says:

Clean cut but gotttttttt damnnnnnnnn u pushed his line up clear back

jose ramirez says:

At 4:26 i was like what the fuck??!!!

Max Bernal says:


Raiders1 says:

This cut is toxic take this shit down youtube plzzzz send this man back to barber school worst side taper i seen, pushed the sideburns back to 2002 and you shaved up with the razor

John DL says:

ON the name of Jesussssssss Christ ……joe God Bless tha highway a mean side burns

Louis Valles says:

The left side need more blending

bAd coMet says:

Wack ass taper and edge up

Martin Jacquez says:

This barber should never cut again

Carlos Lopez says:

Jodas vos sos pija de mojarra te tiras hablando ingles

Jim Bo says:

Ay fam gimme dat Kim Jong-Un fade

Barber: Say no more

John Reyes says:

Where is this barber shop located ?

neek says:

Maybe next time explain weather your open or closed and what guard your switching too. Hard to understand what’s going on

Jaden Lemus says:

Oh god Thats shitty

Angel in the cut says:

His shot fucked up

feo maluma Benitez says:

buen corte

Malik B says:

This dude fucked up his side burn. He shaved it up too far. He did the back of the head, perfect. I do it exactly like that, too.

But for the side-burn fade, you don’t shave off that area. You ‘fade” it evenly up to line where he edge up the back of his head, on the side. It suppose to be even with that “line”.

Then use the guards to blend out the lines in the hair.

Tongan OG says:

oh hell nah u fucked his shit up cuz lmao

M 2Boolin says:

mayne this shit is a L who else agree

Jaime Olmeda says:

Slayed the sideburns but overall the video was very instructional. However, can’t you cut it down to 1 Liner and 1 clipper? Or you need all those to blend? Good job!

CGar says:

Trash as video fucken dumbass isnt even saying the numbers he used and what # now and then and where fuck bullshit

Hector Alaniz says:

Fucked up his arc on the right side, smh. It looks good now, but when it grows, fugazy! Take it easy with the transition editing on the videos. You could have provided important steps that you took off from the recording.

frankie mancha says:

I think he fucked up on side and them went to the other side to match

Brian Lozano says:

The neck taper look bad lineup up

Gary Quadrozzi says:

I’m a white boy and my barber gives me a way better taper fam

joey Huey says:

damn he pushed the side burns way to back

Angel Rorrigues says:

Na u kill it foo it was better first

Raul Gonzalez says:


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