Straight Razor Shave – Barber Shaves Beard Off

Patrick gets his beard shaved off at Farzad’s Barber Shop in Vancouver, BC.


armin sheibani says:

چقدر تمیز و با دقت. البته آرامش محیطی رو هم باید در نظر گرفت

Varga Andrei says:

The best

Stefan Dorcol says:

This barber is an artist.

Chapman Collects says:

Part of me wants to be a man so I can experience this, but on the other hand, a straight razor on my leg is sensational for its own reasons.
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jeong wook son says:

how much ? this service

Jack O'Neil says:

5:25 when it starts

Ronald B. Vega says:

I bet you that shave costed him $120 bucks.

velocyti says:

Gasta mucha agua para una simple rasurada

Train Bennett says:

Great job and video thanks

miloe100 says:

Where is you shop ?

Gui Eao says:

haha he actually needed 20 minutes to fucking shave that beard off.. 😉

Nightmares 2Night says:


tim122121 says:

More handsome

omprakash tiwari says:

you look so smart

Tajuana Mayfield says:

I love this barbershop

Gabriel Sartori says:

Só água que se vai ahushaus

Idriss Idriss says:

Tou sa pour sa

Andrew Jefferson says:

I think I found my favourite white noise

Alicia Moore says:

What blades do you use?

Shane Luquette says:

do you flip the blade after the first pass?

Ly Nguyen says:

I wonder how long it takes him to grow that beard.

Shae Prince says:

how do u shave face completely smooth

Ivan Jimenez says:

My barber said it takes a few days or two weeks for the bear and mustache to fully grow out.

TUẤN NGUYỄN Channel ! says:


多啦A萝 says:


Puzo 2008 says:

That guy is very handsome 🙂

Michael Ryan says:

finely sharp blade makes all the difference. smoooooooth.

Eddie Nunez says:

I need to find a barber like this

rick kitchen says:

He looked better with the beard.

Andrea Lopez says:

It is not to criticize but I wax better the beard :/

JikKoh RoBoCoP says:


CPU intel says:

His expression looks happy.

Lincoln souza lopes says:

The best

sal 465 says:

at 130 he looks like a mummy covering the towel his face freaks me out i guess.

b says:

You always trim before the shave

Christopher James says:

Where s ya. Surigal. Gloves. Numpty. How do we no when and if u washed ya hands

The1theoneandonly1 says:

cost money to look and feel good.

ASMR Shave & More says:

nice video, even my channel is dedicated to shaving, if you’re interested click on the following link:

Carlos Tellez says:

Este pendejo desperdicia mucha agua.

DavidPacificVlogs says:

This is oddly satisfying

pablo castaneda says:

That’s not a straight razor, it’s called a shavette

Milad Milad says:

والله ما خصو بالحلاقة

SRNF says:

20 minutes for one pass is ridiculous.

Justin Brown says:

I obviously must be the only one who thinks this man looks like Rick from the Walking Dead….

Christer Endrè Pedersen says:

I would like to visit this Barber Shop someday and get shaved by this man 🙂

tflynn124 says:

the guy knows his stuff, great shave

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