Straight Razor Shave Video

Expert barber Ann-Marrie from Starks Barber Company takes you through the process of giving a proper hot lather shave.

Video shot and produced by Thisisbliss Productions


I like ships says:

Its nice to see female barbers

NYCrazyRob says:

Sasha Banks

G unit Undaboss says:

Good girl

jp valintino says:

she’s hot

Highvoltage732 says:

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s music… Yeah…

Nicolas Lopez says:

I would not pay for something like that, she half assed the shave and left a chunk of hair under his lip.

Buck Buckley says:

Happy ending??

SoA Montreal says:

wtf is wrong with that guys ears

pablo castaneda says:

that’s a shavette not a straight razor

Caitlin K says:

Real badger hair? Honey badger don’t give a shit

highonimmi says:

damn that music reminds me of watching gals dance around a stripper pole….yet, this is wayyyyy sexier.  just saying.  i’m a chick, so…no homo.

great shave. this gal knows her shit!

منتضر القائد says:

راح ايموت

Mario D says:

Again, not really a Straight Razor, that be a “shavette”….I have both, each has its plus and minus….”shavette” is surgical sharp and will cut skin more easily. A true straight is little more dull, but is crazy fun and “sing” during the stroke with full grind on the blade….and do not cut skin as easily….

TheMatrixPipe says:

I’m not going there.
Cause, I’m afraid to get a sexual arousal…

pablo castaneda says:

that’s a shavette not a straight razor

Aaron Wong says:

you guys got me with texas flood…..

Pale Lion says:

What is name of the song in the very beginning of the video, with the slide guitar riff?

Technically Brilliant says:

she missed a bit under his bottom lip . Or did he ask for a brazilian ?

whisperienced says:

3:28 a girl regretting her life decisions.

Shark jaws says:

Sounds like a cooking show narration

Justin Mugele says:

What song is that

Alex Young says:

She looks like she should be wearing a Burrka…..

flakjacket5 says:

Dude, I realize you are a boring, out of touch middle aged man, but the soul patch went out of style about five minutes after it came into style. And that five minutes happened back in 1997. Douchebag.

Edward Richtofen says:

show us your tits

Jesse Bosque says:

She’s absolutely beautiful

Dynsty! says:

That’s the similar number of steps to for her makeup on that pretty face.

Schizophrenic0 says:

where is Straight Razor ? its a fucking shavette in the video, change the title ….

UnkieStu says:

OUTSTANDING JOB, YOUNG LADY!  I’m screaming so everybody can hear me, hehe.

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