Sultans Barber Shave (Singapore)


This video show’s a shave at the Singaporean barbershop the Sultans of Shave.
This female barber shave is extremely relaxing to watch and many tell me has a lot of ASMR.

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SULTANS OF SHAVE @Sultansofshave
11 North Canal Road,
#02-01 Singapore 048824
T: +65 6222 0201


Song says:

anymore of her? She is amazing!!

Lars D. says:

I like her gentle, subtle and professional way of working, so relaxing! Keep up the good work Miguel, cheers from the Netherlands 🙂

Mark Bailey says:

She was amazing!! Another great video. Thank you

Roberth Cometa says:

Very relaxing

HollywoodFan21 ( Luis Villavicencio ) says:

It is a great professional shave.

BRIAN Rio says:

Must of felt so relaxing to the point of not being able to close your mouth lol

DJ Chahal says:

How much for this whole shave?

Paolo Ferraris says:

è morto?

DwwwD says:

Holy shit I think Im in love or something

Paul Cheeseman says:

I am beginning to wonder if miguel has the best job in the world. There is a massive market here in the UK to be taken advantage of.

L S T says:

Soo good , is this the best shave you have got so far ?

Joe Ehart says:

Except for the random construction and wind turbine sounds in the background.

Duke Davis says:


Careful Man says:

He didn’t even close his mouth when she put the hot towel over his face. Mouth-breather?

Israel good says:

I was there
Absolutely rubbish barber services and fakes customer service team.
Just because the camera.
Don’t go there

Serkan says:

Close that mouth and keep it closed ffs.

Windsor Kid says:

The video was great, but I had to turn the sound off. All that clamoring and blow dryer noise kills any asmr.

Elmurod Atamuradov says:

Nomad do videos like this. No music, no talk. Good luck

Bob Pfaff says:

Looking at his beard or lack there of, this might be his first ever shave.

Jack Prescott says:

That’s a 10 Star Shave on a rating of 1 to 5.


You think barbers are for girls but ive seen more man then women on this channel

Kevin J Redmond says:

Looks a dead body on the table

SonnyL says:

There’s no hair to shave?

Clap Forboobies says:

No offense but you don’t exactly have much facial hair to begin with

AiErudito __-_-__ says:

Wah Shiok ah.

Ben Alford says:

Jerry Sienfeld’s son ?

DwwwD says:

After that I would probably have asked her to marry me


I will be there..

Raheel says:

There something about the way she excutes her job

Shawn Kreuzer says:

For those talking about him having his mouth open, it’s probably just a comfortable position to be in. Some people when fully relaxed keep their mouths closed, he seems to just keep his open. Could also be he just breathes through his mouth more, I doubt he would keep it open simply to taste whatever cream is going on his face.

Don Motz says:

Whats the matter…this guy cant shut his mouth for 5 mins?????

Brian Johnson says:

Dont get covering the eyes. What does that have to do with s shave?

Pablo Corado says:

They massage looks really Nice.

Marcos Vinicius says:

I love the way that ASMR triggers more visually than with audio here, for me at least

imp PerlerArt says:

Did y’all check out her back hand tho. My gawd, I was looking at some other female shavers and they left a bloody mess.

Pablo Corado says:

I want these hands shave me every day.

정희태 says:

Hi good !! see you next

William M. Heckstall says:

She is highly skilled at this. She got me in a trans right now.

barry graham says:

Had a haircut an shave when i was in Singapore the best ever really

Deshawn Moore says:

Close your mouth why is it open like that

Roberth Cometa says:

Very relaxing

marco2523 says:

Girl got skills. But then. Dude can’t grow any facial hair. Not much of a challenge

hussain basha says:

it is to happy thing .i want to get that kind of shaving with a girl

Jose Diniz says:

soft hands uhhh lala

ice cold says:

That woman is a pro. Very nice.

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