The Barber Shave Tutorial (Nomad Barber)


This video is a tutorial for any barber at home who’s looking to get into shaving or needs tips or tricks on enhancing their shaving experience in the barbershop

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Nomad Barber is a web-series following Miguel Gutierrez discover barbering around the world. We also have tutorials and Vlogs all about men’s grooming, travel and lifestyle.

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Nayyar Aftab says:

Im using Gillette trimmer.. And this video will surely help me purchase a better one.. I personally think Gillette should not be that high in the video

Ishaan Sunkara says:


Slava says:

Want to make a good “Best ***” video, discuss the downsides and actual use experience that exposes any potential disappointments. Often people watch these videos because they had a bad experience and looking for an alternative. So these “it contributes to the confidence and the personality of a man” are just useless noise, while the real information that would help decision making is simply not there.

George Robinson says:

The norelco 9000 is 89 bucks..i literally stood in the store contemplating for awhile ..but I must say I’m satisfied..its well worth it

G00B3R91 says:

Where’s the one in the thumbnail????

MIchael Harrington says:

The penis is bound to get damaged so make sure you keep a bottle of Man1 Man Oil around.. it is a multivitamin penis health creme that will soothe, repair, moisturize, clean etc… it is fabulous. Google it. Cheers.

Wrath642 says:

Are beard trimmers really necessary? Is there any advantage over using a hair clipper?

that Dude Hoover says:

Never heard of A hot towel Machine Hahaha

dave matthews says:

They’re all crap and most would kill a beard….I want a trim not a shave, I’ve got a straight edge for that

Schnick says:

Note to self, dont start a business in California

Luis Zambrano says:

Any advice for a good trimmer that cuts between 1/8 to 1/4. I have purchased Wahl, Norelco, etc. They did not last and were trash honestly. Any suggestions?

JC says:

Damn… He says he doesn’t know how to shave against the grain without causing irritations…
Maybe he should take lessons 🙂
I bet he uses unsharp blades such as Derby and after he thinks that shaving against the grain is the cause of irritations…

Marc Sarpei says:

This Beard it out of the galaxy cool

Fire Knight says:

It’s q shame your in cally I’d love to give you money and push people to you if your train as well as you push like this fantastic

Tyrant Watchers says:

Did we change the blade for the second pass or no?

Whyman1993 says:

Dose a straight razor shave irritate the skin more or less than a normal shave? (I understand neither should but everything I’ve tried dosent work and I always get razor rash)

marcie balme says:

very good

John Abbott says:

California is literally a state of cuckists

Thabang Mokoena says:

so relaxing so quiet

Joshua 윤호 Han says:

it kind of sucks that you can’t use a shave brush in CA. I wonder if you can bring your own for them to use.

Carlos V M B says:

Too slow

Mike Conway says:

Great tutorial – high quality material like your other videos. Can see that your impressive number of subscribers is fully justified 🙂


The state of California is fucking retarded.

Jason A says:

Anyone else not able to hear anything

Milanous says:

3:43 what a weird choice of edit.

I mean thats disorientating

Moon Doggos says:

Dis made me sleep

Gauselmann says:

Why is every barber in his videos wearing a Rolex

Logan Wear says:

That mustache is perfect

rob torres says:

anyone else notice his huge bulge

Bob Pfaff says:

California does not allow shave brushes! But please let me finish your shave by giving you a complimentary hand gun.

Taki Sikhala says:

this guy was wasting water

Titan Joe says:

I had a straight razor shave today and it was no where near as good as what this dude is doing, damn!

Tim W says:

Nomad Barber is so cute!!

Simon Cantley says:

Fuck, Merica update your 16th century laws

Mike A says:

Will putting a shave brush in barbacide disinfect and sanitize it??

Dominic S. says:

First. Him saying “The state of California says…” reminds me off Nostalgia Critic’s “Well the chart says…”.

Second. Essential Oils? Is that the same thing as the one Generically Modified Sceptic was ranting about?

cuki-Face says:

This Barber is so meticulous. One of my favorites. And that stache!

Brian Cook says:

Damn now i have to try n find a place to get a good shave around me

Eva Edwards says:

I’m a woman and I want him to shave me! So relaxing. I want to be a barber

Boomer Zierath says:

Everyone talking about his mustache, but how bout that Harry Potter bow tie

Clap Forboobies says:

One of the best vids on shaving I have seen

Larry Freestone says:

California is the festering putrid hemorrhoidic anus of the US.

Miguel Fernandes says:

Is name is Miguel?

MrKiwispirit says:

I so want to experience this service

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