The Barber Shave Tutorial (Nomad Barber)

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This video is a tutorial for any barber at home who’s looking to get into shaving or needs tips or tricks on enhancing their shaving experience in the barbershop

Check out Mark’s work on Instagram @mjsolofamensgrooming Located in Berkeley, CA.

Nomad Barber is a web-series following how barber culture changes across the world. We also film haircuts, shaves and head massages from all over the world.

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TheNaturalPatHarris says:

If the Rock and LL Cool J had. A child….its Mark…

Alan Leon says:

i love that he does not want to cause irrataion

Arnie Ramsbottom says:

This guy looks like an older version of me

les antoine says:

Amazing video. Shaving is a craft and that is a work of ART.

M.N says:

seki uso!

Mohamed Amine HATTOU says:


markus hoffsten says:

Just love this videos … make me fall to slerp so realaxing and nice!

Levi Hogue says:

That was inspirational

Bryson Ruud says:

I seriously watch these to go to bed lol

Cody the Barber says:

good presentation.
I was starting to think all youtube barbers are illiterate thugs but this was educational

Larry Freestone says:

cool video. Mark has a great Facebook page. Very positive spiritual guy.

Mike Shea says:

…but what do the California State Regulations think about this video?

Haviar Hafoka says:

Is this a Polynesian Barber ?

John Sciarrino says:

At 1702 he looks like a muppet

cicci uzzu says:

What he says at 14:36 it’s soo true!!!!

Joey Heppler says:

this barber is THEE man, mega props to you good sir.

dsorvita says:

Why the shave people with almost no beards? It makes no sense

Hermetic Kitten says:

What a great experience it must be! It seems really soothing and relaxing! 

derper derp says:

a true hipster wouldnt wear a 20k rolex….they dont need or care about time. Plus, they can just look at there typewriters…

David Isbister says:

State of California says that moustache is banging

mr Drew says:

Nice custom blade

Kelly Hetreed says:

I find myself wishing i could grow a beard… the whole process seems so relaxing =]

GiggleHz says:

helps if the dood can grow a beard

mr Drew says:

Truly impressive!

A Warren says:

When I saw it was Mark-Jason giving Miguel the shave I was super excited. From what I’ve seen on Instagram (I’ve followed him for over a year) he is a consummate gentleman and professional. An example of how to take a job and make it a passion. Thanks for the video. Some won’t get it, but who cares. Blessings

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