The Executive Straight Razor Shaving Experience by Mustache Jim, Master Barber

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I was looking for a great shave here in the Twin Cities and it didn’t take long to stumble upon Mustache Jim and the crew at Gent Cuts and Grooming.

Jim, GENT Master Barber, offers a well-rounded selection of sensibilities and style. Keeping a fresh perspective and a classic background, Moustache Jim has been honing his craft for 13 years. Specializing in straight razor shaves, haircuts, and beard trims, Moustache Jim provides the perfect service for special occasions as well as meeting the day to day needs of any occasion.

Here, Mustache Jim perfectly executes the Executive Shave. Like a Classic Shave, they begin with two steaming facial towels to soften the beard and open the pores. Once the skin is ready, they wash the face with cleanser to remove any dirt and oils in the skin. They then apply a pre-shave hot oil application, basic lathering and a shave going with the grain of your beard. After a re-lather, they shave against the grain (if preferred). Next is cleansing the face of any excess shaving products with a warm towel and apply Deep Detox Clay mask allowing the mask to dry for 3-8 minutes (depending on skin type). They remove the mask with a clean, warm towel and end the Executive Shave with a cool facial towel and aftershave. Mustache Jim also does a great job explaining how to shave with a straight razor and some of the benefits of shaving with a straight razor.

This is not only a truly relaxing experience, it is very healthy for your skin and facial hair. For more information on how to schedule your Executive Shave, go to

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Jake McKeown says:

My man wearing orange sides with no socks to a nice barber shop to get a good face shave. Lol so hard.

Rachael Gilmore says:

Drinking game: Drink every time a steamed towel is used. By the end of the video you should be intoxicated.

Jamar Lee says:

Jimmy Fallon?

graycloud057 says:

Nothing like getting a good shave from a Barber/ tonsorial artist who knows what he or she is doing.

Dardan M says:

So awkward

David Ortiz says:

And thats gonna be $200 sir

barley says:

this dude defs gets off to doing this shit

Will Sessions says:

Executive… I think they meant heavenly

Tuna182 says:

15:06 Cool story bro

Ohgr33 says:

JESUS TITTY FUCKING CHRIST!!! You are not having sex to his face… just fucking shave it! lol

GamerzDailyFix says:

If this guy lived in the 1930s Adolf Hitler would hire him to shave him every morning haha.

Paul Garza says:

Very sloppy and messy dripping hands or dripping water all over the place and the razor he’s using not your classic razors very poor

Devin Brown says:

Watching this is big time ASMR for me.

My03Tundra says:

“Let me go get my razor,” and comes back with a machete. :p

Ohgr33 says:

As a pleb…. the fact that he smothered the shaving cream with his hands…. makes me doubt his talent.

Lew Kingg says:

I appreciate people like this dude! Takes his job seriously and is professional.

cere tomer says:

Missed a spot!

Kevin Bowers says:

I think what would make the whole experience that much better and more relaxing is if the shop had private rooms for each of the clients so you didn’t hear all that cross talk.

Daniel Jefferson says:

still doesn’t beat out casino Royale shave; can’t beat a woman’s touch

Joe T says:

How to look like a Beta male

megaharben says:

I accidentally skipped halfway through and got so freaked out by the red coloring on the razor.

Zimed says:

That is one professional barber. Such professionalism. Higher respect for the client than I’ve seen some doctors have. The way he dresses is superlative.

Mikie Lee says:

Looks like a magical barber from Harry Potter

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