The Gentleman’s Shave

Justin Virgil, master barber at Spa 1851 from Kiehl’s, breaks down the best men’s shaving tips for Furthermore by Equinox.

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L1F3 1NVAD3R says:

Can someone tell me what kind of razor he’s using?

Sunny shah says:

My girlfriend shaves her pussy better than this

Markus Lang says:

Where has the world gone when men care so much about a fucking beard to use a ton of products on it
Rise of weakness

Trumped says:

that looks like a dull blade

Yatharth chaturvedi says:

Now he is ready to give a blowjob.

Sebastian Ferreira says:

That barber knows nothing

Nav Nagra says:

It’s a fucking shave. Just shave it like a man, don’t put star plus drama in it.

noa brockett says:

Can’t wait to have full facial hair.

imnotsal2468 says:

why the fuck is this cunt shaving when he doesn’t have a flying fuck of knowledge in what he’s doing. fucking kretin cunt.

J Fulkerson says:

None of this matters it’s so extra

Eluwzi says:

I shave better.

Onlylafro 2.0 says:

Fucking hipsters

Runner Gunner says:

So no disinfecting the skin after the shave?

Daniel siddiquiii says:

I’ve got thick jet black hair so when I shave, I want it to be close so it doesn’t look dark still, but shaving against the grain always gives me bumps.. annoying

Is Az says:

I get this kinda of shave at home when the blades on my shaver need changing.

Aksel Capuri says:

this guy is fine as hell. no homo

Will Hempell says:

A shitty shave. Might as well use a traditional razor. Smh this guy’s a poser.

Faraz Haider Jaffry says:

His razor is cheap shit

bbtazlo5 says:

This was Pretty fucking disturbing looking at this shave made me cringe I wouldn’t pay for a shave like that

Saaranhan Sivanraj says:

This guy has a great 5 o’clock shadow’ish beard if I had perfect beard like that I’d just let it grow

I'm the father of God, and I'm disappointed in God and you gullible melon farmers says:

Of course you can get the same shave from a plastic razor. And going against the grain makes your skin even smoother. You’re not very bright. Cream is a waste of time and money when you should be shaving in the shower with the hot water constantly on your face.

Ashwin Raj says:

Simplest of things marketed like Anything…

Sphinx says:

Sexiest man alive

Dan Tabanschi says:

As far as I know, real men don’t shave…

Gabriel Cundari says:

The faggot shave

Chokywock Gamer says:

The customer looks like keanu reeves

Pereza1016 Gaming says:

Why the fuck am I watching this I don’t even have a beard and why the fuck is this shave so shit even I know that


The guy getting shaved looks like Superman

j j says:

What is he even doing ??

Mania C says:

What’s the models name? (The man being shaved)

141622blisterblue says:

yeah you didn’t show the upper lip shave…

Nish Dalal says:

nice watch, is that a Skaagen?

Daniel De Melis says:

What wrist watch is he wearing?

I'm the father of God, and I'm disappointed in God and you gullible melon farmers says:

Sun screen will do more to give you cancer than the Sun will.

emrah yesil says:

Gel bi sakal tıraşı yapayım gör

george skater says:

I hate the red color on the razor

deathreapers 222 says:

it don’t do no good to shave that you can clearly still see it

Andrei Blanca says:

I thought the blade had blood on it lol

D 5 says:

Or you could NOT be a prissy bitch and just shave your damn face like a man!!!

Martin Chuzzlewit says:

You can see for yourself, Kiehl’s shaving products stink (in my opinion).

Archangel Michael says:

I like the massage, makes me so relaxed !

Rod Belding says:

Must be nice to shave with nice skin. I have acne problems and every time I shave is a blood bath and I’m covered in scars lol.

sanmay shetty says:

My barber takes Rs 60 or you can say a dollar and I can bet my life for this he shaves much more better. My skin feels crazy smooth even after I slide my hand along the grain and against it

Education 4 Free says:

Turkish barbers are the best. Go home

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