The Perfect Barber Shave (Nomad Barber)


This video is set in Hong Kong which my good friend Kem, he talks through his steps to a perfect barber shave for barbers or for people at home. This helps you through the stages and helps prevent any irritation from shaving you may be getting.

Nomad Barber is a web-series following how barber culture changes across the globe. We also film haircuts, shaves and head massages from all over the world.

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For Indian head massages, Turkish head massages, Turkish Shaves, ASMR Video’s and general barber massages and shaves please watch the rest of my videos.


exbronco1980 says:

it’d be cool if the customer actually had facial hair to shave.

Marco Jaimes says:

did anyone else notice he elbows him in the back of the head on accident at 2:51?

WomenBeShoppin says:

did they fuck before or after?

PEAK music says:

This guy looks like Lewis Hamilton on steroids

Katarina DC says:

omg love his face in the end xDDDD

“something spacial for him” dying here 😀

fuminori0811 says:

so poor camera skill

Wes Erba says:

This is super relaxing to me, but did anybody else notice how much he said daily foaming cleanser?

anttcampbellchannel says:

Lool this guy don’t sound like that this is his camera voice like Anthony Joshua does! Follow his insta KlipperKem

Daniel Bazinet says:

I had a Turkish barber shave me at a barber shop in a mall in Cambridge, Ontario a few years ago. very similar style to this gentlemen’s, it was very relaxing and an excellent shave! the Turk’s know how it’s done

Carmel Camilleri says:

You know what u inspired me to start learning the skill and trade of a nice hot shave so thank u Miguel

Bali Horvath says:

One of the best if not the best shaving video

B Davidson says:

this guy is good looking and very good asmr…

dan eee says:

ur just dumb if u think the barber is straight loooool

Carlos Hernandez says:

If your barber wears a tie, tailored shirt, and suspenders to work, youre doing something right in life


This barber s turkısh

Martin says:

Es increible lo relajante que es este video. moriria x tratarme asi

Kingping says:

How do i properly take care of my skin before and after a shave ?

chris alexio says:

Damn I wish this was my barber

Stephen Hunt says:

I didn’t know Lewis Hamilton did shaves in his spare time… he’s also a chunkier out of his overalls.

Caliggy Jack says:

This guy has this shit down to a science. Unbelievable.

John Cloud says:

Perfect place to murder someone.

Tim Mcgrath says:

That dude looks like karl anthony towns

Crayo Gaming Channel says:

I almost forgot to watch it this week

PacThe Don says:

Chris Brown is this you ?

Tyler McKinney says:

You don’t need all that bullshit

Grace Southers says:

i wish i was a guy just so i could get that shave and no it’s not the hot barber it’s the shave and face massage that i want sooooo bad lol

PainfulPhoenix7 says:

after many months I have finally purchased a daily foaming cleansah

Daniel Clark says:

The barber’s insta @klipperkem you’re welcome

Arafath Hussain says:

Need this in America

HollywoodSheen says:

Lewis Hamilton out here doing shaves now

Germino Gray says:

Too bad the Turkish barber don’t have his own channel.

Jack Bolton says:

Is that a Rolex Milgauss?

Zom says:

cant decide what is more memeier… fog rolling in or daily foaming cleanser.

Sam Geurdi says:

How m about you just wax of that shit. Then you won’t need to see a barber for a month at least.

IsOnlyMe95 says:

2 cute boys ❤

Ignis Natura says:

Ok pussies, well done now.. kiss both..

Ghoulin_ says:

Is it wrong that I know the every word in this video

Will Rees Young says:

the guy getting the shave is just such an arsehole. bad bloke you can just tell

Jack Russo says:

I would love to grow a long beard and come here to shave it all off, and why do you need hot and then cold towels?

Sergen Kumas says:

This dude is Turkish, couldn’t tell at all. This is coming from a Turkish-Americam.

Katarina DC says:

ASMR me boys…

Allen Hughes says:

I’d love to have him give me a shave. Haven’t had a hot towel shave in years.

planetX15 says:

Where abouts in Hong Kong?

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