These are my steps to my everyday shave in the Barbershop.
For anyone asking about the shop you can book into
@nomadbarberldn and buy my t-shirts here


Nomad Barber is a web-series following Miguel Gutierrez discover barbering around the world. We also have tutorials and Vlogs all about men’s grooming, travel and lifestyle.

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Renzo Martijn says:

Perfect! Good job!

Syakir Salahudin says:

do tutorial on head shave using multiple type or razor,straight razor,t-razor


What’s the point of having someone shave for, literally go buy a pack of Gillette razors from Walmart for $5 and some shaving cream for a few dollars and do it yourself

Austin Howard says:

Miguel, what kind of skin products do you use? Skin is amazing!

Shawn John says:

Satisfying sound

D Pl says:

i live in okinawa japan, where at barbers no massage is involved. But there are quite a number of massage shops here, and they are doing good (including the adult massage shps with a possible happy ending….). i think your business will boom here as people are overworked and stressed out most of the time. ‘;)

Z YT says:

This is an advert.

Aka Akiru says:

Relax.. RELAX..

Alexandre Matos says:

the guy is not moving…. is it dead?

Ohio Guy19 says:

“They came here to relax” proceeds to unexpectedly spray him in the face

Manoj Kumar says:

I love the way you have incorporated so many different things from your visits around the world to your advantage….That is how any art/artist should grow…

Shawn John says:

His piercing is ugly

roosterinboro says:

Great vid, Miguel! LOVE it

Igor Todorovic says:

I wish that massage could put me to sleep every night lmao looked so relaxing

Cal3bC00p3r says:

where do you buy all those thing products you use, can you list them?

jeffery miller says:

you go all over the world but i have never seen it say anywhere where your shop is at

ghidfg says:

does someone fund him?

His Majesty says:

what the fuck am i missing out on?! where can i find this in northern california

Anthony Hings says:

Why did you get a shop with no water supply ? If this a dumb question feel free to tell me to shut up .

Obaa Bella says:

I like your t-shirt!

Alper Sad says:

Do Turkish cut prank with this knife!

kayser911 says:

10:27 Duru limon kolonyası 😀

Travis chua Jing hong says:

his face looks like cover with ice cream

Kendal manis says:

the Guy have no beard

Crayo Gaming Channel says:

2:05 and then comes the first hot toawaiol

Levi Hogue says:

great work!!

Tommy Wiseau says:

Oh Hi Nom
Anyway , How’s your sex life?

giuseppe3010 says:

How much is that shave??

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