The Royal Shave @ The Art of Shaving | #1 Shaving Video in the World!

I took a little trip to the Art Of Shaving in Tyson’s Corner, VA and went to see Master Barber Tom for their Royal Shave and man was it a treat. Please check out the art of shaving at as they are a nationwide chain. For $55 dollars the royal shave (I feel) is a bargain as you really are treated like a king and get a great shave! Thanks so much for watching. Special thanks to my buddy Timbo for the great gift.


Retro Phaeax says:

Smooth like a baby’s bottom.

akshay choudhary says:

2dollar shave in india mumbai… same technique same procedure fully air-conditioned shop with friendly barbers… this is a loot at 80dollars

aldair sobalvarro says:

dope my mans got fresh asap

Rico Baca says:

that cream looks primo

The Watchmen says:

16 05 39 37 77 1

Jared Adams says:

He looks like the captain from walle

Mark Dayoc says:

When I retire from my current job I plan to be a barber and give fades and straight razor shaves. This is a great experience for anyone who’s not had a straight razor shave. I had it done once in Italy but I use a straight razor.

Nigel Midnight says:

i can feel it from here… must be nice.. I bet you enjoyed that..

Mark Hence says:

For 80 bucks I would buy that barbershop and send Jambo or Tom back home to visit his family. This shaving is worth 8 bucks. Otherwise, this is how a finacial crisis begins.

f0rmaggi0 says:

Finally got a Royal Shave today at the store in Denver. Awesome service. That mud mask is awesome, you can feel it tightening on your face.

mdr893 says:

This barber really made the video educational

Apfel Komplott says:

nice and clean ! 🙂

J.A. Dowell says:

This video is what made me want to be a barber!

Don Isbell says:

I thought hot lather machines was just for neck shaves

John F says:

There’s an art of shaving here in Philly. I’m convinced now. Definitely going to try this.

wholeNwon says:

Noise level too high in that shop. I prefer a brush to a lather machine.

Ezekiel Wells says:

what is a wr case and son razor?

Franceso Sponza says:

Why am I watching this?

EdDy4RheelZ says:

“textbook, sayin I don’t shave right.”
Fuck the textbook way. I’ve tried textbook way and I got cuts or can’t get a close shave. If you can get a extremely close shave without any cuts or nicks while having your face moisturized with no irritation, that’s ALL that matters. Everyone has different face structure and skin sensitivity, so textbook won’t teach u how to cut efficiently. I would pay to get my shaving done by this person in the video.

BJRACINE21 says:

I miss your shaving videos

Danilo Espinoza Pino says:

its nice…. and clean…

Woody German says:

Poor shave

John Smith says:


Trippy Mane says:

what did you use for the mask???

Patrick Hershey says:

What kind of oil is he applying at the beginning of the shave?

NWFP K says:

While in Asia, i was in Pakistan. I had a shave, and head massage for £5 sterling UK. I had the best shave ever

Jason Rotbergs says:

You sexy beast ! Hehehe

fallenSlave says:


what”s ya laughing at?!

Dave Smith says:

I learned alot from this video, i was putting the blade in wrong…!!!

CheapSushi says:

That’s the life right there. A relaxing shave by a master barber and after you feel like a million bucks and ready for a hot date.

Harley Cooper says:

I do this at home…when you buy all of the products and use it yourself it works out extremely cheap..always better to spend that bit extra to get a bit of a better shave…still yet to try a proper cut throat shave however atm i just use a shavette for a couple weeks then a safety razor for a couple of weeks works nicely..also essential oils…at least lavender… Are so cheap but very very potent i love it just as much as fresh from the gardens

Ivan rodriguez says:

Loved the products from them. It really balances your face with the oils and the creams and after shave balms.

mus5599 says:

Pay all that money to hear females in the background yak. Stfu.

gakingsnake says:

that braying woman in the background needed a muzzle.

EdDy4RheelZ says:

Man. This guy used razor like a boss. I can never do that. I think me using safety razor is already enough and I get cuts and nicks sometimes although chance of making those is reducing since I just recently transitioned from using Gillette ProGlide Fusion to Safety Razor but even that transition is already making me realize how better shave I get with safety razor. But I know for sure this shave in the video is the closest shave you can possible achieve. Wish I can do that.

shahid65 says:

a shave no matter how good it is should not cost 55$.

David DeBergh says:

I cut myself like five to six times with a safety razor and I hate it so much. I keep going from a Walmart Saftey Razor to the Harrys Cartridge Blades to find the best way.

Fotojensen says:

No brush?

Bato Radoncic says:

Hi did say he created his own pattern but for professional eye looks wrong and for someone who does it all the time he doesn’t seem smooth at all
European old school barbers whuld teach this guy a thing or two but like he said it works

Steve FOX says:

All he barbers had tattoos today? Some kinda industry regulations?

Manch0vy says:

Now that looks relaxing:)

chris heyer says:

how long do you heat up the towel? thanks

Shannon Farnsworth says:

Love love the video… I am a new Crossover and would absol love to know more and learn from the Pros. it’s sad to me that the Art is gone and there is no one around in my area that is willing to teach.

Nicholas Wood says:

i wish he would close his eyes; akward

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