The Secret To Making A Beard Or head Line Sharp Every Time Guaranteed !

in this vid i show you the crispy hair line secret to making a sharp beard or headline for products go to


Milad Safi says:

What is that razor called?

Sanjay Gohel says:


I am Groot says:

What’s the best razor to slice my wrist?

jay kay says:

wdf with that loud music in beginning?

doctormwpepper says:

Hey man, I love you, but you move too much during your monologue. Then your reflection in the mirror moves too- the whole thing is very unbecoming. My brotherly advice is to stand still and deliver the speech as you do. Try it, you’ll love it. Shifting your weight from right to left is body language for “I’m lying“ and also portrays insecurity. You’re suffering from neither, so I don’t want you to look like you are. Best regards.

Kyle Vin says:

ive got a question. my beard is a little bit patchy on the right side. so far i always grow it longer because i feel like it covers the patches better. will the patches show more if i trim my beard shorter? kimda done with the long hair on my chin

danspare says:

Use hairspray for a crispy beard

That Guy says:

Keep fkn saying crispy, like he’s talking about food.

Kevin Brennan says:

He has prettier eye brows than my sister.

Ira Dorsey says:

Good job I like it

Ricardo Quirindongo says:

Thank you

Daniel Andrews says:

man… just grow the freaking beard… quit trying to be metrosexual about it.. defeats the purpose.

Nick Gage says:

Bro, your left light bulb is burnt out and that shit is buggin….

rommy khalaf says:

dan frees says:

Great technique brother. Crispy AF

Barber Hacks says:

I like going in on the beard, on the cheek dry right away and use shave gel for everything else. Then you don’t push that top line down.

Steelcityaudiophiles Team Pittsburgh Groundpounderz says:

Very tight,tight like a turtle

Claire Camenzuli says:

Which t-outliner model are you using please?

jake roberts says:

You make it look easier then it actually probably is.
I’m sock of spending so much money on going to the barbers.

Mario Sandoval says:

Used to to always have trouble getting good lines when i had to much shaving cream or gel. Started doing it dry maybe just a little bit of warm water and it comes out great.

Dan Harvey says:

Neckline is too high looks bad

Me 93 117 says:

Great video

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