The Sicilian Barber Shave (Nomad Barber)


This video displays a skilled traditional cut throat shave from an Italian barber from Sicily who has lived in Melbourne, Australia for a long time.

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British Bob says:

Hey, what’s a matter you, hey, shaddupaya face!

tflynn124 says:

Awesome shave

msmeechell says:

Love this vid…I watch it all the time…very relaxing.

ColtDeltaElite10mm says:

Bay rum and powder!!!! Old school!!!!

Paul Sabian says:

Mr.Nomad are u Japanese ? Cuz when i look at your eyes from the bottom while u are on the table it does loook like.

Dev9172 says:

The old guy did not know how to put in the blade . Lol

wanes82 says:

Tremendous shave. Seems like a good character too.

Anthony D says:

His breathing gives me asmr fuck what ppl sayin

Alessio Giampà says:

Non mi convince molto sto video

mynameisray says:

Guy can’t change his own razor blade, I wouldn’t want him to shave me..

Logan sev Rye says:

Him make the cut true razor really easy and you can see that it’s not an a saw off one.. he is an a professional legend. Also if him reside abroad for a long period of time the accent cannot be the same as been back in his own town and country.

Henock Almazu Tekle says:

Clean work! No mistake! I give this 10 out of 10.

Solok Hoxha says:

barber is cool

Hometown Hero says:

Im a piece of ravioli and i am offended *autistic screeching*

cross65 says:

firstly this is in Australia… learn your accents people…he maybe old but he knows what he’s doing….

fasthotrod440 says:

Very good shave but can’t avoid noticing that he left his sideburns uneven. His right hand side one is longer than his left hand side one. You can notice it after the 9:13 time mark.

manuel salvi says:

Ancora oggi il metodo migliore per fare la barba!

Mate Živković says:

Did he broke regular double blade razor to fit??

Dimajon 96 says:


tony Guerrero says:

ik one thing that guy work fast and he cool like telling jokes or just chilling we need more barber like that lol

Kakap0 says:

Damn that old man is fucking skilled, amazing

Black Phillip says:

Bunch of bitches whining about the old mans breathing. That is one smooth, clean shave.

mynameisray says:

That’s one patchy ass beard that kid has.

Mohammed Faiz says:

@NomadBarber, how come you haven’t tried the Haircut with Fire yet??

Alvin Jonathan says:

Old man likes to breathe

Leo Mel says:

Loved it
He is a true master

Tony says:

I had a shave from a barber once in my life, and it sure felt great.

ZeroFux Given says:

2:13 his finger on ur lip lmao

The Og Beandip says:

Love this vid and he seems like a nice guy. Also perfect shave as well. Don’t let these ignorant comments bother you, you did a fantastic job.

erdazz says:

This isn’t italian….

Pio Unabia says:

I want apply there im good barber…

Barber's territory says:

without glasses, well done!


Yeah !! what a lovely guy !! A true italian barber

Niladri Banerjee says:

This is actual shave

Corey Sturner says:

this old man is unhealthy as fuck, he’s got a meatball lodged in his artery or something.

Dichotomy & Balance says:

To be honest, it seems he hasn’t performed a shave in a while.

Bill Admond says:

Nice video although the cameraman in many instances failed to point in the right direction and at the main event, he even failed to show the finished job.
And I don’t agree with the title as the barber has not learned from Sicily.

Daniel Tojcic says:

I liked the ending shot

Dev9172 says:

Street shaves in India are so much better .

Djffkf Fmffmff says:

He is so positive, god bless this man!

ColtDeltaElite10mm says:

This barber is awesome!!!! Did you see how fast and smooooooth he was with a razor? He cut against the grain on several areas of the face, during the FIRST PASS! Old school!!!!

Logan sev Rye says:

Capo laboro CUMPA!!!!!

David V says:

This looks shitty, sorry crappy shave imho and im Sicilian.

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