The Straight Razor Shave Lecture with Donnie Hawley

The 14 steps to a perfect straight razor shave, with Donnie Hawley, Hawlewood’s Barbershop, Costa Mesa / Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA


starlodear says:

Why would you use canned cream? For a traditional and close shave you must use shaving cream from a tube and lather it up with a brush. The canned stuff is too dry to soften the stubble.

Seven 8ight Nine says:

number 10 i take my dick out.

nyrockchicxx says:

The shave was ok, but your fashion style is great. Goes well with the old-timey shop.

Powder Keg says:

“So it’s 1,2,3,4……11,12,13 and 14. Only barbers know that shit, not ignant fucks like you.”

86mdwolfie says:

What brand of razor is that?

libertarian500 says:

My man here is certainly a trend setter

Sam Mcwindy says:

This guy, is not very good..

Ivan Richard Mamuyac says:

I wouldn’t let a dude with a tatted tear shave me. He probably earned that tear.

Mr Dottle says:

16 AND 17………DO THE BALLS…….

Seth Sepulveda says:

he had too steep of an angle..didnt get the best shave out of that one..

Osca Alva says:

you think you can invest new towels dud ..not even street barber in india has shit
towels like yours

Marcos Gonzalez says:

just shit. what a shit shave.

Joe Holmes says:

This is the second worst shave I have ever seen. terrible barber, rushed, uncomfortable. looked like he’d done it once or twice before. AMATEUR AT BEST. The irritation on the clients face is clear to see. POOR

Carlos Uribe says:

Hawleywood’s barbershop gets down. Good haircuts, shaves, and service.

Jesse Martinez says:

I clean my work kitchen with them kinda towels

billy3287480 says:

Looks like a nice vintage Hamilton watch.

Ray Rocco says:

I Rather have Sweeney Todd give me a Shave then this Guy !!! LOL

Joey Badabing says:

This dudes face was way irritated before the shave…not a very good candidate for a straight razor shave.

21 Gun Salute says:

dickies and vans gotta be the dumbest, most over worked style today

TraumaER says:

The client looked like he tried to shave himself before he came here. Skin way too irritated and red.

JNL SS says:

LOL. Know one on here knows what the hell they are talking about. SMH

Daniel Sakilayan says:

the proper way of shaving… nice work!

ruhel miah says:

That was a shit shave..

alphacharlie65ms says:

Bad shave.

michaeld5 says:

Why does the dude getting shaved keep his eyes open?? Idiot

Mv5588 says:

Nice hat douche

Darren Shaver says:

You do a FANTASTIC job….

King Of The Gods says:

i like his suit

Mateo G says:

Takes too long, and probably alot for a shave. I’ll stick wit my dollar shave razors.

sam g. says:

Nothing there to shave wtf is this you couldn’t find someone with some hair to make a video lol. You literally picked a guy with no beard and bad acne pitty skin.the worst possible candidate for a shave. Lmao

Rich Piana says:

Was not a good clean shave at all

D says:

14 steps to having a tattoed hobo give you a very expensive shave before they sent him back to the cardboard boxes.

smurfarooney2003 says:

i think you need some new towels dude

Chaz Isham says:

very good I’m still learning

Joe Smith says:

not bad,would have been a lot better if the client didn’t already have irritated very sensitive skin and wanted a full face shave, and better towels. but I’m sure this place is awesome never been but I would go if I lived in the area.

Ryan Santer says:

weird, just weird!

Isid Vojka says:

Hey Donie. Thanks for the lecture first of all. But as your clients face skin is pretty difficult to tell how the shave came out, could you pick another client with a clean skin and show us your real skills.
Suggestion: Get some nicer and thicker towels man. Details make the difference.
Peace out ✌️

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