Beard Trim | Brio Axis VS Brio Beardscape

This is how to trim your beard using the Brio axis and the brio beardscape
Brio Axis:
Brio Beardscape:

My review channel:


Ashley Smith says:

Scuba, for a really thick oil, try Angry Beard Company, spiced vanilla with the curly serum. It’s even thicker than Artius Man, or at least the bottle I got was.

Tyler Daniels says:

Hey man, I usually don’t comment on videos for this but I couldn’t find a way to directly message you. I’m with Daniels Beard Co and we’d love for you to do a review. Any way you could shoot me a message? I’m on both Instagram and Facebook @danielsbeardco

Mike C says:

Two days ago my wahl trimmer died. Went to check out getting a Brio after your last recommendation. Saw the Axis was out and couldn’t find a single review online. Less than a day later, boom there’s the review on beardtube! Still can’t decide which to go for, but cheers for getting the review out so quick.

Nick_ 10 says:

I’m hooked on the Artius man! Definitely super thick and it lasts

@quaHolic says:

Try Google . Ultron VSX Glam Black Edition

Austin Hartson says:

Beardtube is the brio worth it??? Looking at getting a new one gonna start growing my beard again but need one for the little trimming here and there

Steve Fernando says:

How’s the RPM on the axis

Jake Boss says:

I don’t see why or how they couldn’t make it smaller like 1.3mm on the original Brio trimmers like on the new Axis trimmers, and also make more guards for it, they could call it “The Brio Trio” Lol, they should bring me on as a Brio Beardscape Consultant, and pay me lots of money for awesome ideas, because i gots LOTS! i just wont say here because people will steal my ideas i wont name names….(BeardTube)

The Luxurious Bastard says:

Good for the mustache?

minty flu says:

What you use for the purple light at the back?

sinatra_vapes says:

Do u cut under your beard at an angle?

Cory McPhee says:

Just curious, how would you define a “good candidate” for a beard such as yourself? Seems most people comment when I’m “short” in my opinion, guessing the fullness?? Thankfully my nickname isn’t patches lol.

Tyler Rowe says:

Stuck in the 80s Camaro! I’ve got a stuck in the 80s Mustang. Talk about rivalry.

rageknock the great says:

Dude, if it wasn’t for you i wouldnt have ever started on the journey of growing my bread and growing it properly. I will tag you on Instagram. After my 90 days of no shaving. Thanks for the info bud.

What's The Scents In That says:

Dude I live in South Wales UK! Watch your videos religiously, I’m not religious but ya kno what I mean….. Seen sooooo many beard YouTube dude’s but gotta be said you sir are by far the fucking coolest. I’v had a beard for around 6 years but always end up trimming it back, but you have inspired me to grow it out….. Looking forward to your next video. Stay cool bro

Twosome_Gaming says:

Nice review!

A bit random, but do you trim your own head hair? Looks good

Big Mike says:

Hey brother, love your vids! My son wants a haircut similar to yours… what is the wording you tell your barber?

Fear The Beard says:

So the difference is one goes waah waah waah, the other goes ziit ziit ziit hahah. Good review scuba, stay bearded my friend.

Omar Alrahal says:

Was a big fan till i saw u burning holly books…you are atheist we get it but no need to burn or disrespect others religion…

Lilly The Service Chihuahua And Dan says:

Artius or Bossman jelly?

Shane Tata says:

Doesn’t seem like the guard secures well. Could pop off while you’re shaving and bye bye beard

Josh Close says:

Little Sebastian would buy this.

Corey Duncan says:

What’s up, man I’ll probably be buying them both I’m in need of a good set of trimmers, I’ve learned so much from watching you channel, my wife thinks my beard looks just like yours, witch if it does, its because of all the knowledge presented

Jasper M says:

Damn beardbooze is amazing man pls try some his scents especially bandeloro

nfn7121 says:

Got lost which is which. I’ll just buy both

Juan Lopez says:

Hi bearded brother I heard that Old Spice came out with a beard oil and Etc if you heard of it what is your input on it let us know ?

feg Com says:

Sup dude!
Which trimmer do you recommend for a whole beard shaping (bottom + sides etc..) , the wahl clipper or the brio beardscape ?
I want to buy one of them as soon as possible.
Thanks for the help and the cool videos

Deku says:

The beardscape is like weeee, and the axis is like wuuuuuuuhhhh

Karan Bains says:

Hey Scuba! love your stuff man, had a quick question. Do you think it’s a good idea to enhance the curls in your beard? Could this lead to a neater looking beard? Sorry if it’s a weird question.

Garrett says:

Does anybody know for sure which cuts closer ( with just the blades no clips)?

bMUR's Bearded Experiences says:

Great comparison, the axis looks good for keeping lines tight and clean, Cheers.

D S says:

Nice review man! I agree with the Artius Man products. I got their Citrus Fire and Mountain Air oil and they are legit, very long lasting like you said. I have some Citrus Fire balm on the way as well.

Claire Redfield says:

Great, 2 days after I bought the brio, the Axis came out

Michael Lomazzo says:

Good to know for my investment in clippers.another great review thanks again

Fay Kamine says:


Billy_Bonka says:

Do you trim the ends of your mustache? I never notice you touching them but they look like they stay short.

Aaron Browne says:

Love your videos. So I’m in the market for a brio. How do the guards hold up for fading a beard?

WarNugget13 says:

Which would you recommend for a medium length beard?

mrzazzaable says:

I like the tighter cut and even stubble so i’m going with axis

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