Beard Trimmer Review – Remington MB 200

Trimmer used in this video is available at Amazon here:
Remington MB200:

This is a full and complete review of the Remington MB 200 beard trimmer. It’s a budget beard trimmer which does a pretty good job and is recommended for most people.

Setting — Length

1 – 1.5mm (stubble look)
2 – 2.5mm
3 – 4mm (short)
4 – 5.5mm
5 – 7mm (medium)
6 – 9mm
7 – 11mm
8 – 14mm (long)
9 – 18mm

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Frank Dangler says:

this is not a good trimmer for anything below the waste, the tips of the blade are to far apart and allows for knicking

trackflop says:

@electricshaverguide Hey Im really impressed with your reviews and I am almost sold on the Remington 200. but have you tried Norelco QT4021 or Norelco QT4014/42? I couldnt find and adequate review. Let me know either way

yashveer1x says:

Ty for contents!

Suman Ghosh says:

bar tor ki kono kaj nai nibi to ne na eto fatas kano???

cez010 says:

Right that should be enough, wont bother with paying £40 for the philips one if the remington does the job well and is twice cheaper. Thanks

Ramien Kay says:

Hey I was just wondering if this beard trimmer can be used to trim down armpit hair.

Tracy Baker says:

Nice review, just purchased one. Seems to be ok, though I believe better for full beard trimming. Am happy with mine.

advliam says:

hi mate can you link me too some products you can use too clean this shaver , not just the brush

CommonsenseDummy says:

Great review! You helped with my decision. i just got one online. Thanks a bunch!

Voxac100b says:

Its a very good trimmer. Ive had it now for 3mths and I still havnt needed to charge it. It gives a good cut and its very easy to use and powerful enough. I never got comb with mine though. Makes beard maintenance easy.

Mayura De Silva says:

Thanks for the awesome reviews here, and your free guide was immensely helpful as I was new to this subject 🙂

I’m gonna buy a beard trimmer for first time and unfortunately, there’s no variety of models to select from in here. Finally, I’ve narrowed down my choices to Panasonic ER2403 and Remington MB180 beard trimmers.

Do you have any opinions on both?


Hey! I followed your instructions and ordered my self a unit. I will be receiving it 9/2/13

jtmoney091 says:

hey man hows the battery? I read some reviews on amazon about this beard trimmer and they say the battery died after 2 months.

Bryan Rhodes says:


John Salmon says:

The black plastic attachment for various lengths has spacing teeth which are very easy to break off. Remington couldn’t provide any replacement part so had to repair with epoxy putty. The plastic is not very high quality and rather fragile. Disappointed with Remington, they used to be good.

Kevin Sweet says:

Which setting would I use if I wanted to have the same length of beard that you had before you trimmed it in this video (after letting it grow more)?

Willis says:

The electrical cord, is that charged in the special annoying bathroom plugs or can you charge this in a standard house hold plug?

TheBiggVan says:

i need a trimmer that gets close enough to my face. what would you recommend?

Astro Apollo says:

how many mm is your beard at the 3:35 mark?

Clone1426 says:

This replaced the mb42 which I had for about 12 years. The blade broke last week so i’m getting this as a replacement if it’s anything like it’s predecessor iit’s well worth the money.

carlzen ssmith says:

Thanks for the share. Can you show us please in another video perhaps how to clean & oil the blades ? I have a remington shaver & I really don’t know how to maintain it

Seriousriz says:

Taylor! you are the MAN!

Dexterprog says:

Remington seems to have discontinued this model. What about mb4040?


Hey Taylor. My name is Habib. I live in England. I have been watching you’re reviews and I think your doing a marvelous job at explaining about the trimmers. My question to you is: Can I still purchase this model from you’re website? How much would it cost me? Will you have to ship it to me? Will there be any additional charges for delivery? Thank you if you could answer those question for me. Much appreciated for doing a review on this product. Keep up the good work Taylor 🙂

Draciel says:

does this hurt like an electric shaver???

Sheshadri Sharma says:

this was very helpful..thnx.

ayan says:

hi , thanxxx for the video , one question, i have bought a remington also , do you clean with oil every now and then , ? thanxxx

daddeh706 says:

all rubish tools. Wahl and andis is the top line . instead of generic brands like brauns and Remington

aasfasfsa says:

Should you keep the guard on at all times?

Disgruntled Tail-wagger says:

your beard wasn`t long enough to test it but would you say it puls? i have alot of issues with trimmers pulling and hurting me. Also do you think it can be used on your hair ? thank you in advanced mate

Nika Vasadze says:

Hey… Thank for video 😉
Is there a difference between the models MB320 and MB200?
Because MB320 Online shopping (ebay) at twice the price
Please answer me 🙂

walter bishop says:

Hi, I’m a bit confused did you get that close shave on your cheek with Braun or Remington?

Jim Pickens says:

why do you trim that way? isnt it better to trim like you did at 6:45 rather than 9:30 etc?

hesham mohamed says:

hey tylor, thnx for giving us those wonderful tips but you actually made me more confused. look i have a thick beard and i wish you could help me with a machine that trim my beard and make it looks like as it was shaved one day ago.
by the way i used to have braun cruze 3 but it couldn’t clean my neck efficiently.
thnx a lot for ur time.

diego ospina says:

hello friend, which is better this or the panasonic ER-GB 40, thanks.

frannydai says:

Thanks for the very thorough review.

Jessicalouise89 says:

Fantastic review!! Thanks! I’m getting this for my boyfriend for Christmas. =D

Matthew Fitzer says:

Thanks for the table of contents. I wish more videos had them.

Adrian Rosales says:

wow bro u dont know how to shave….meet me oussie

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