Best Beard Trimmer Comparison Review

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Here is a comparison review of 4 popular beard trimmers. Hopefully there’s enough information here to help you choose the best beard trimmer for your needs. The review only discusses the performance of each model so for more details you can visit the website and check out the full individual reviews.

For this comparison I go through trimming a beard and compare how each model performs. The sections include trimming a neck line, cheek lines, beard lengths, and creating various styles.

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Noah's Music Showcase says:

I like my beard to be equal with my hair. I buzz cut my hair with a 3. Is it ok to use a normal hair clippers to trim my beard? I usually shape it into a chin strap with a braun cruzer 5 face and then trim it with normal hair clippers

Scott Alan says:

is the braun cruzer 6 good for cleaning my neck? like smooth?

tom2197 says:

Witch is best for pubes?

Marino de Oliveira says:

Is the Wahl also useful for body grooming?

Pandelis Katsianis says:

nice review but you didnt mention battery life!!

nbka8rs says:

Personally I prefer wired for more power

mateo gomez says:

I personally love my Karmin T70

Victor Carneiro says:

Congrats for the video

tretato says:

braun cruzer 6 is fully shit

Rollax 13c5 says:

is braun cruzer 6 bad beacuse many people say it sucks

ZeyaF says:

I have braun 6 and it’s really doesn’t deserve any dollars I have spent on it!

veeti kervinen says:

Could u SHAVE it ALL off like a clean shave with the braun cruiser?

Louise Willoughby says:

Thank you so much for this! I was derping my way through browsing hairtrimmers without a clue what is good for beards. (being a woman i wouldn’t know haha) Now i know what to get for my hunny 😀

jonnypin1 says:

Do you know anything about the andis t outliner trimmer? I’ve heard it’s very good although needs to be plugged in and is more expensive.

mrzazzaable says:

DAMN i want something as close shaving as the wahl and comfortable as the braun

Tony Marinelli says:

I need to keep my goatee at about an inch long and there is nothing that offers this. Have I missed something. Most everything will bring my goatee to about 3/4 of an inch.

Ties FA says:

Can you also use this for chest trimming?

BigDogsHunt100 says:

Yeah, my Remmington beard trimmer simply won’t die.  The only downside is the “adjustable” guard I got with it originally was crappy plastic and broke easily.

I love the look and duribilty of the Wahl trimmers (my dog’s clipper is a Wahl.. its a beast!)… but this review really makes me question dropping $75 for a Wahl Lithium Ion Plus beard trimmer.  Its flashy chrome, LiIon rechargable, and a lasts for hours… but having trouble swapping the “beard guard” vs the “shave to 0” set up may be an issue. :-/

dw declare says:

very helpful. thank you.

Jichendra Sahu says:

which one is better Braun MG5090 or Philips QG3387 or Braun 6 Cruzer ?

W B says:

Braun was great initially, but 1 year later, the battery won’t last a minute even when plugged in.

Renaldo Aggrey says:

Philips oneblade works a treat for me

gabehcuoD suoitneterP says:

The Wahl has a steel blade that may rust if you fail to oil it but the strength of the blades and the power of the motor prevent stubble pulling.

Amr Teko says:

braun cruzer 6 battery is shit it doesn’t last enough to do precise trimming

hulk hogan says:

Remington trimmers break way too easily. Braun trimmers are a little higher up the ladder, but are still too fragile. I’ve had both. Now I’m onto the Philips-Norelco and I hope it will actually last.

I wear a full beard, though, so I’m not interested in any of that metrosexual stubble shit.

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