Brio Beardscape and Axis Trimmer Discussion

The best beard trimmer/clippers I’ve ever used. Truly amazing.

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Shawn P’s reviews says:

That’s an awesome duo.

Bthebarber says:

Great review Scott!

Akbar Naqvi says:

Love the axis trimmers and their price. They cut so close to the skin.

Shawn P’s reviews says:

Awesome review. On my wish list for sure.

Beard Talk With Matt says:

Great review Scott I’ve been thinking about getting the trimmer for my beard . And this video helped make up my mind ! Thanks brotha !

The Luxurious Bastard says:

Damn…………Now I want one!!! Man look at that video quality

bMUR's Bearded Experiences says:

I love my Brio Beardscape, great job Scott, Cheers.

Ahmed Jaber says:

would you say that brio axis is a blade close trimmer? got a wahle T-outliner/detailer and cuts to almost blade close. wonder if this is as good

Binks says:

Nice review!!! Those seem like great trimmers.

Lilly And Dans Beard Product Reviews says:

I got the brio beard scape and it looks really cool lol
I haven’t used it yet (I’m on a two month beard)
But they seem sturdy and a lot better than my plug in ones.
I’ve invested way too much money on my beard so far lol

Didn’t know the company was from Michigan though and being from Ohio and football season here already I may have to return them lol


Skywalker89 says:

Damn the video quality is on point!! I have the Brio! Love it!!

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