Brio Beardscape Unboxing & Review

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Eric Bandholz unboxes the Beardscape trimmer by Brio. Everything inside and out is discussed on this product.

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An sionnach dearg says:

I like to manscape… the thought those extra sharp blades at full speed… (shivers)

Look quality tho

ImperfectLion says:

what is the difference between faster & slower rpm (the speed at which the trimmer cuts)?

Gary Biles says:

i wish one of these companys would come up with some kind of contraption for trimming your moustache that allows you to keep it at a decent chevron length, like 6-8 weeks growth, the trouble is with these is that you can only really use a really short guard on your moustache as the larger guards are to big as your nose prevents you from using them around the moustacbe area and the thought of trimming my moustache with scissors petrifies me

Markis says:

Hey Eric when are your going to restock those awesome leather bracelets?!

Andrés Aquino says:

Wich xperia is that?

Jon 23 says:

I was actually just thinking about buying this the other day, thanks for the review

Tristan S says:

Looks/functions Exactly like the jrl clippers. Lol

Rodders1717 says:

We get it, you have a MacBook and some cool sunglasses. Move them out of the way!

Ken Staack says:

Got this trimmer a few week ago. Can’t wait to see your follow up video of you doing the maintenance trim.

millionaaar23 says:

I have this trimmer and like it a lot. Some things to add for anyone interested in buying it. The trimmer adjusts from 1, 1.3, 1.6, and 1.9 mm. So if you put the 3mm guard on the shortest it will trim is actually 4mm (add the trimmer length and guard length).
My only complaint is with the new 1-2mm guard. Was using it and angled the trimmer just a lil too much and it trimmed too short. Maybe the longer guards are better

Billy Widener says:

Good review. Simple clear and concise. Look forward to seeing your next video with this new toy of yours.

Organon says:

Ha now you will trim your beard in socialist units. You’re a Communist now.

ali A. says:

Gained and lost a subscriber in one video wow

grey wolf says:

Amazing review my friend maybe one day ill get one my old one sound like a weed eater n pull hair more than anything else keep unboxing comming friend i wish everyone a nice day

Jeffrey Goodman says:

I have a Brio Beardscape and love it. However, be careful! About a month ago, I was not careful, slipped, and cut a strip in my chin beard. My beard is recovering nicely, and I still absolutely love this trimmer. The battery lasts forever, and I actually leave the charger at home when traveling.

Sparks 701 says:

They are great. Had mine for 6 months now. Very sharp. Keep them oiled well and they work perfect.

Bryan Merton says:

Great unboxing Eric.

adrian97c says:

Are these like t trimmers? Or reg clippers?

Garrett says:

I just got one in the mail today, and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I think the biggest feature is the LCD screen. It does not cut very close at all and the guards are very finicky. As far as power it’s not that much powerful as the Wahl lithium Ion ( could be less powerful). I think I paid under 30 bucks for the wahl, and for almost 70 bucks I thought this would be a lot better, it’s not.

Not trying to bash the company but I think for that price the best feature should not be the LCD screen.

andra992 says:

For my experience all beard trimmers are so so weak for my beard :/ I have rly thick full beard and beard trimmers are struggling so bad. So hair trimmers with cord are way better in my opinion.

Mauricio Vargas says:

H Eric, first of all I wanted you to know that i just recieved my first oil from you guys ( Spiced Citrus) and it´s amazing! Talking about the trimmer, I like to use a designer stubble (3-4mm) and I can see that the 1-2mm guard doesn´t have the same protection as the other ones so, my question is: Do i need to be carefull when using that guard? What would happen if i don´t get the right angle?

Thank you!

Subhajit Biswas says:

I like ur look very much .. superb eric

sarcasm2k says:

Hah, i ordered one of these 2 days ago. Beardtube and AlphaM sold me on it a while back, but it has been sold out forever. Fun to see what you guys think of this. Gonna watch it now 🙂

JeffHaugen23 says:


You should bring back your personal vlogs! I miss it! Let’s take a walk.
Great review as always!


Buckleys Banter says:

Shame it doesn’t ship to Ireland

jack m says:

Ever considered making a video of what should be in every beardman’s EDC?

Michael Myers says:

It’s awesome. Had one since Xmas. Only charged once in 2 months. Best I ever had!

Brad Młodystach says:

Made in China?

centenoj85 says:

awesome product. have one at home. salute on the review.

David suhas says:

Good unbox waiting for review

roadking54 says:

This is a great trimmer! I got mine 3 months ago and it only came with 2 guards not 4! I have the 3-6mm and the 9-12mm. I wonder why and how I can get the other guards. I really need that larger guard.

Bryan Haywood says:

Nice. It would be great if you could do a review of one of those templates that help shape your cheek line.

Alex Hag says:

Liked the more relaxed setting in this video, you should use it more often!

Twosome_Gaming says:

Just bought this 2 weeks ago. Love this trimmer hybrid. Works very well

Matthew Pearson says:

I got my Brio last June as a Fathers Day gift. Gotta say without a doubt it is the best trimmer I have ever used. I use it on my beard obviously, but also for giving my Son buzz cuts with a skin fade. Performs perfectly. As an added bonus, they are Canadian made and not some made in China garbage. If you have any type of facial hair, get these. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Luke Saunders says:

Yo Eric, your beard at this length looks the best out of all the styles you’ve had. rock on

Dylan Borrelli says:

Mine only came with 3 guards……

josh robinson says:

What is the guard size needed to just clean up a longer beard?

SKMedia says:

Love mine! Great trimmer!

kutzoffdchain says:



How much do it costs? Be careful your beard at 5:35

josh robinson says:

I have a 6 in beard

Jacob Zirnheld says:

Have this at home. Solid construction. I used to shave under my beard with a razor but now I just use the shortest setting with this! Saves so much time and looks clean!

Erik Keller says:

It’s more like an 0.8mm to 2mm length when u use the Trimmer without the guards.
Panasonic got a similar model the ER-GP80
But the Trimmer looks very good so far

Omar Tribis says:


NiqueSir says:

Need a lil more structure to this type of video, felt a lil “make up as you went along” which sticks out amounst the high quality of all your other vids.

Henricks House says:

Diggin the personal like just us feel of the video!! Also those clippers look super legit and that travel case and accessories are money!!

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